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20 year/160,000 km limited warranty on your 2021 or 2022 quad engine… Yamaha is offering it to you!

Two years ago, when someone told me about this, my first reaction was to laugh and tell them that it was impossible. Even a car manufacturer doesn’t offer a 20-year warranty. When a second and a third person also told me about it, a doubt started to creep into my head.

I wanted to know, more than 2 years later, if this protection was still offered. Well, yes! It was not a temporary promotion it seems! What’s more, the manufacturer has extended this protection to even more types of Yamaha vehicles.

I found the page that explains this warranty to owners of new Yamaha vehicles that only use Yamalube products designed for the Yamaha engine in their car! You can access it by clicking here!

If you are skeptical, as I was at the beginning, you can find out that there is indeed this type of protection if you have purchased a new 2021 or 2022 Yamaha quad, but be careful, there are rules to follow!

Limited engine lubrication warranty

First of all, the breakdown must be caused by a lack of lubrication (greasing) of the engine. In addition, the owner must use only genuine Yamaha Yamalube oils and filters. Also, oil and filter changes must be done according to the time and mileage intervals recommended by Yamaha. Finally, you must keep all your invoices in order to prove that you meet all the requirements.

Can we do our own maintenance?

Yes, however, you will need to use a “Yamalube Change Kit” available from your Yamaha dealer.

Of course, this warranty has many clauses and I invite you to carefully read the document available at the link below in order to fully understand the limits of this coverage:


Some model restrictions

Although all quads and motorcycles are covered, some snowmobiles and off-road motorcycles are excluded from this protection. These are likely vehicles that are not equipped with Yamaha engines. I encourage you to consult your dealer to ensure that your new Yamaha is covered by this warranty.

By being the first manufacturer in the ATV industry to offer an engine lubrication warranty, Yamaha is demonstrating its confidence in the quality of its products.

I am not ashamed to admit it, I am still a proud skeptic!