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2025 Polaris RANGER: Refreshments, Improvements, and Upcoming Novelties

If you’ve paid attention to the title, you will have noticed the mention of the 2025 Polaris RANGER vehicles. Yes, indeed, you’re not mistaken! We are indeed talking about the 2025 models, and we’re only in April of 2024. I had to double-check the press release myself to be certain. Indeed, we had a virtual meeting with the key players from Polaris. This meeting set the stage for a “refresh” of the RANGER model at Polaris. Well, nothing groundbreaking, but we were still able to discover some improvements that will surely please fans of this model.

Good News, A Price Reduction!

Believe it or not, some models will have a price decrease. Nowadays, it’s extremely rare and worth noting. It’s an effort worthy of mention and a nice reward for loyal Polaris customers. However, don’t celebrate too quickly. Only the base/EPS RANGER models will receive this price adjustment.

More for the Same Price!

The 2025 Polaris RANGER lineup (1000 Premium and XP 1000 Premium) will offer more. All these models will be equipped with new factory-installed accessories. Among these, we find a new rigid roof, for greater protection, a 4,500 lb winch with synthetic rope, as well as an automatic stop system and a wireless remote to get you out of trouble when you need it.

2025 polaris ranger 2025

Significant Changes:

Bold New Front Design

The RANGER XP 1000 and XP 1000 NorthStar models will now feature a bold and redesigned front design. These will come with a new bumper and grille for increased durability. Additionally, the RANGER XP 1000 and XP 1000 NorthStar models now come standard with 29-inch tires, providing additional ground clearance for enhanced comfort and better manoeuvrability on rough and rocky terrain.

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Enhanced Sound Experience With JBL

On the other hand, the RANGER XP 1000 NorthStar Ultimate models will benefit from a new factory-installed JBL audio system for a better and more immersive sound experience. According to Polaris, the quality will be on par with what we find in today’s luxury vehicles. It’s a higher level we haven’t witnessed yet. However, its arrival will only be available later in 2024.

New Generation CVT Transmission

Across the entire 2025 Polaris RANGER lineup, we will see a new generation of CVT transmission. According to the manufacturer, this second-generation improved transmission will reduce shift effort by as much as 50%. This would allow for easier and smoother gear changes. For now, Polaris executives have been very stingy with comments on this matter. In fact, it has even been impossible for us to see explanatory images. Hence, it’s difficult for us to be more specific at this time. Nevertheless, we will certainly have the opportunity to revisit this when we have a test vehicle on hand.

2025 polaris ranger 2025

Redesigned Cabin Nets

Additionally, Polaris offers us redesigned cabin nets with a new single latch connection point to facilitate entry and exit. Hunters and workers will surely be pleased with this change.

Improved Power Steering

Without being more explicit once again, we have been told that we will see the arrival of improved driving assistance. An enhanced electric power steering system with improved control and responsiveness, especially at low speeds.

Other Novelties

We will also have new accessories, such as an upper front bumper. This should provide increased durability and a premium look. It’s a small addition that will please many. Next, a new reverse light harness will automatically activate rear accessory lighting when the vehicle is in reverse or by pressing a switch when the vehicle is parked.

LED Lighting on Some Models:

Available on all 1000 Premium, XP 1000, and XP 1000 NorthStar Edition models, the 2025 Polaris RANGER features LED headlights. These offer increased brightness that helps drivers extend their days.

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Additionally, customers can choose from over 100 accessories to help personalize their RANGER. Apart from essentials, it will be possible to customize the 2025 Polaris RANGER using accessory packages for activities such as hiking, hunting, winter, large properties, or for farm or ranch owners.

2025 polaris ranger 2025

The Return of the RANGER CREW XP 1000, Waterfowl Edition!

Better than ever, Polaris announces the return of the RANGER CREW XP 1000 Waterfowl Edition. Designed for waterfowl hunters, this vehicle is built for those accessing flooded and muddy areas. Polaris has taken its flagship product, the RANGER XP 1000, and improved it to meet the needs of waterfowl hunters.

This 2025 Polaris RANGER will allow us to conquer challenging off-road trails with the 29-inch Pro Armor Mud XC tires. Additionally, this vehicle is equipped with arched A-arms. These provide superior traction and stability while ensuring a comfortable ride on muddy and flooded terrain. This special edition model also features a winch and elevated air intake for optimal performance in deep water. However, it is only available in Waterfowl Hunt Camo design.

Arrival of Texas Editions for the Polaris RANGER CREW XP 1000 and RANGER CREW XP 1000 NorthStar 2025

To complete the lineup, Polaris has expanded its Texas collection by introducing the all-new CREW XP 1000 NorthStar, Texas Edition. The Texas Edition and Texas NorthStar models are designed for the terrain of Texas, and for the cowboy within you. They feature a roof for added comfort, an exclusive “Texas Edition” emblem, and premium embroidered stitched-cut seats that command attention for a refined look.

The Texas Edition is also equipped with 29-inch tires and arched A-arms. These maximize ground clearance and allow riders to confidently navigate rough terrain. The Texas Edition is available in metallic pearl bronze.

2025 polaris ranger 2025

Ride Command:

A 7-inch screen powered by Ride Command comes standard on the XP 1000 NorthStar Ultimate. This screen offers functional capabilities aimed at enhancing the driving experience. This includes features such as GPS functionality and a backup camera.

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Full-size 2025 Polaris RANGER models are eligible for the Ride Command+ system. This connected vehicle technology, the first of its kind in the industry, is available as an additional accessory.

Ride Command+ technology makes ownership easier than ever. It provides owners with convenient access to information right from their smartphone. This includes vehicle status and maintenance reminders as well as protective functions such as vehicle locator and impact alerts. These alerts notify the owner if their vehicle has been impacted or moved from its last location.

2025 polaris ranger 2025

Improvements That Will Please Many

In conclusion, without claiming that these enhancements are groundbreaking, we can nonetheless say that they will certainly appeal to a wide range of enthusiasts. Polaris is certainly a leader in the utility side-by-side category, and we once again have proof of that.

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