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Can-Am: Arrival of an Ultra Sports Quad and Refinement on the Menu for 2024

In recent days, we’ve witnessed the unveiling of the 2024 Can-Am lineup and their off-road vehicles.

Previously, we were aware that a new powerhouse would be unveiled during this presentation. The manufacturer had started releasing teasers on its platforms, which piqued our curiosity. We were eagerly awaiting the technical specifications of this new machine.

Furthermore, several leaks occurred on social media, which intensified our anticipation.

Maverick R: Innovation Unsuitable for All Trails

However, it’s an all-new Maverick that was presented to us! The Maverick R is a vehicle with a “racing” design. It is primarily designed for sand dunes and competition circuits.

Therefore, it is not suitable for use on trails such as those offered by federation member clubs. Additionally, with its width of 77 inches, it significantly exceeds the 66-inch regulation in Quebec. The same applies in several other provinces and states.

I am convinced that a few die-hard enthusiasts will still acquire it! I’m thinking especially of those to whom these limitations do not apply. For example, ZECS, crown lands, and forest trails.

An article will be published in the coming days on InfoQuad.com. It will deeply cover all the technical features of the Maverick R. Stay tuned!

The trend of 4-Seat Vehicles (Side-by-Sides): Can-Am Meets the Demand

Since 2021, the number of 4-seat vehicles sold has increased by 16%. This represents a substantial 4500 units more than before. Therefore, it’s not surprising that Can-Am is announcing several novelties for these buyers.

Maverick X3

The X3 evolves significantly with the introduction of its MAX XRC version. Equipped with 32-inch tires and powered by a 900cc Rotax turbo engine generating 200 horsepower, this model is perfectly suited for a variety of conditions.

However, it’s important to note that the MAX XRC was designed on a 72-inch platform. Therefore, it’s not intended for Quebec’s federated trails.

Maverick X3 XRC MAX

A Range of Colors Offered According to the Chosen Model 

  • New shades for the X3;
  • X MR in hyper silver and legion red;
  • X RC in hybrid white and legion red;
  • The others (DS/MAX, RS/MAX, X DS/MAX, X RS/MAX) in fiery-red and hyper silver;
  • The X RS/MAX will also have intense blue and carbon black.
The Maverick X3 DS in hyper silver

Maverick Sport

The Maverick Sport range doesn’t offer significant novelties for 2024. Except for the X XC model which has been withdrawn from the market. This is due to the low sales of the model in recent years, with buyers preferring the X RC over the X XC.

This leaves the DPS/MAX, X M, and X RC models. In terms of colors, the X RC will be sold in hybrid white or legion red. The DPS, on the other hand, can be purchased in fiery red. Finally, the X MR will have the choice of hyper silver or legion red.

Maverick Trail

For 2024, the Maverick Trail will only come in its DPS version. It will be offered in a fiery-red color. For this one, you’ll have the choice between the 700cc or 1000 2-cylinder V-twin engine.

2024 Commander Range

Good news for utility vehicle enthusiasts: the trend of multi-seat vehicles is gaining momentum. The recent Commander models, the MAX DPS and MAX XT, introduce a distinctive feature. They are pioneers as the first medium power four-seat side-by-sides with a tilting cargo box. The Commander MAX XT will be offered in fiery red, with the option to choose between the 700cc or 1000 R engines.

For those who love “muddy” adventures with the family, the Commander XMR will also be available in the MAX version for a friendly experience.


The Commander is ready for mud with the whole family!

Can-Am Defender

The Defender XT range now offers a small-displacement option with the Defender XT HD7. It’s powered by a 650cc engine delivering 52hp. It’s ready for all challenges. This version will also be offered in the new fiery-red color.

Defender XT equipped with the HD7


Last February, the manufacturer introduced a new chassis for the Outlander. Additionally, two new engines were unveiled for some of these models. (Read more…)

Also, in the spring, Can-Am presented a new quad chassis.

All in all, this aspect is already well covered by this manufacturer. Therefore, it’s not surprising that this week didn’t bring more novelties in this regard.

Announced Novelties 

For the rest of the 2024 Can-Am ATV lineup, the changes are more aesthetic. A new color palette is available for these models.

So, the Outlander, as well as the Renegade XMR, will be offered in hyper silver or legion red. The 850 and 1000 versions of the Outlander XT and MAX XT will be available in fiery red.

Outlander MAX XT 2024


The 2024 Can-Am Novelties: Subtle Evolution

The year 2024 brings special attention to multi-seat vehicles and the introduction of the Can-Am Maverick R. Besides colors for the other vehicles, there are very few changes.

For a comprehensive exploration of the 2024 Can-Am lineup, feel free to visit their website.

Looking forward to crossing paths on the trails, aboard your new vehicles.

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