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Can-Am Outlander 2023 Off-Road New Products: The Mid-Range Lineup in the Spotlight!

It is well known that Can-Am had not made any major changes in its intermediate ATV category since 2015. We were due you will tell me and you are not totally wrong.

In fact, this intermediate quad category represents more than 60% of the ATV market. Therefore, our Valcourt manufacturer has every reason to focus on it, and for 2023, even boasts of being the new reference in this category.

The new Outlander… and Outlander Pro

Designed and built to enhance the rider’s experience at every level, for both work and play, the new Outlander ATVs are expected to offer best-in-class performance, comfort, storage capacity and reliability.

By their own admission, the presentation of this line of Can-Am ATVs is probably the most important launch in the last ten years! Several improvements and new features were presented to meet the expectations of the fans of this renowned brand.

For 2023, the new line of Outlander recreational vehicles includes the standard model, the 500 2WD, the DPS, the XT 700, the X MR700, the MAX DPS and the MAX XT 700. The Outlander PRO HD7 and HD5 models will be perfect for those who have big jobs to do, with hauling and towing power and storage capacity that surpasses any other ATV on the market. The new 2023 Outlander PRO utility vehicle lineup includes the standard PRO, PRO XU and PRO Hunting Edition

New Engine

Can-Am offers us a brand new 650 cc rearward-facing, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, single-cylinder engine (yes, you read that right!). This Rotax ACE (Advanced Combustion Efficiency) four-stroke engine is complemented by a new integrated transmission and a pDrive clutch. These new features give the new Outlander platform top-notch power and towing capabilities.

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Thanks to ECU calibration and different camshaft designs, the 700 and PRO HD7 models have 50 horsepower and 41 lb-ft of torque, while the 500 and PRO HD5 models have 40 horsepower and 37 lb-ft of torque.

New Chassis

We asked hard and Can-Am answered our prayers. A new tubular chassis based on the Can-Am Maverick X3 platform. This one is +35% lighter than the old Outlander 450 / 570.

Engineers have revised the engine positioning and advanced heat management. As a result, a new intake system improves the engine’s airflow. The higher air intake provides fresher, cleaner air. In addition, the engine cylinder is rear-facing and the new rear-facing exhaust configuration allows for better heat dissipation. Finally, the fully enclosed right-side panel and heat shields designed to reduce heat on the driver and components will help keep the driver cooler than before.

Improved Suspension

The double-wishbone front and rear suspension is the reason why the ground clearance and suspension travel of the new Outlander and Outlander PRO will be best in class. The new geometry improves the angle of attack for smooth obstacles and ditch clearance.

Ground clearance is increased from 10.5″ to 12″ for a total gain of 1.5″. Obstacle crossing will no longer be an issue with this configuration.

All new Outlander recreational and utility models feature double wishbones with double-tube shocks with 9.75″ of front and 10.25″ of rear travel. The increase is 1.25″ in front and 1.75″ in the rear compared to its predecessor.

The PRO models feature a stiffer suspension system for tougher working conditions and heavier loads. The new Can-Am Outlanders will be equipped with an industry-exclusive rubber bushing rear stabilizer bar.

The chassis and suspension design of the new Outlander platform is responsible for its ground clearance, up to 33 cm on some models, handling and stability. The designers didn’t stop there. For added stability, the vehicle width has now been set at 47.6 inches (+2 inches).

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A better driving experiences

Can-Am now boasts the best working capacity in the industry. Among its long list of features is an improved towing capacity of 830 kg (1,830 lbs) (+530 lbs). In addition, the Outlander Pro has a speed limiter to handle a variety of jobs at a constant speed without worry.

Storage and Accessories

Both Outlander and Outlander PRO models come standard with incredible storage capabilities, starting with the new integrated 3.78L (1 gal) glove box. Select models also feature a magnetic cell phone cradle as well as a USB port for charging electronics while on the road.

With 125 different LinQ accessory options, the new Outlander platform offers features that will appeal to everyone. The vehicle’s accessory options fall into three categories: front storage, handlebar and driver’s area, and rear storage.

Some accessories, such as heated grips and a windshield, are ergonomic. Others are designed to store shotguns, chainsaws or other essential tools in the front or rear of the vehicle. Utility accessories include winches, shovels and spare fuel cans. Performance accessories include options such as skid plates, snow tracks and LED lights.


In conclusion, the new Outlander offers unmatched driving capabilities while the Outlander PRO exceeds market standards to get the job done. There is no doubt that Can-Am once again offers an unparalleled choice and it is up to you to select the vehicle that best suits your needs.

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