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As surprising as it may seem, the manufacturer CFMOTO is still a mystery and an unknown for some, despite very present advertising campaigns on all platforms. For the regulars, it is now a must in the quad landscape.

It is therefore only natural for us at INFOQUAD to test vehicles from this manufacturer. At the moment, it is the one that offers the greatest opportunity to columnists of all media to test its quads and auto-quads without restraint. So why should we miss such an opportunity? You would agree by reading the following that we have free rein and that no censorship has been imposed on us. Our primary goal is to provide you with the most complete and objective report possible.

Early last spring, we were delighted to receive an e-mail from CFMOTO Canada, advising us that a 2022 CFORCE 1000 OVERLAND was available to us. Read the pre-ride analysis. After making the usual arrangements, it was delivered to us in no time. This moment corresponded exactly with the first springtime and the melting of the snow. Nevertheless, we have the opportunity to have the surrounding playgrounds and trails that do not have a closure period during the thaw phase. So we didn’t have to wait to use the OVERLAND, because the trails were waiting for us right away.

Something new… maybe not!

Even if this quad is familiar to us overall, as it essentially uses several components already known and introduced on the CFMOTO 800XC in 2019, it does have some notable improvements and additions. It should be noted that the OVERLAND version of the CFMOTO CFORCE 1000 is the most high-end version of the brand. This quad is distinguished by a more complete accessorization, essentially focused on tourism.

Accessories that set it apart.

The standard trunk, located in the back, is almost too big. Its 105-liter storage capacity is honestly beyond what I was able to store on my rides. It is true to say that these were day rides and I didn’t have to carry clothes to stay at an outfitter on a multi-day trip. However, if you don’t have enough storage space with the Overland to carry all your gear, you’ve gone overboard with unnecessary luggage!

I would have two recommendations for this trunk: first, I would have appreciated a locking system. Isn’t it true that sometimes we carry valuables and we would like to leave them securely without an opportunist trying to steal them without our knowledge during a stopover?

Secondly, the upper part of the trunk is very large and when it is open, I would have thought it necessary for the designers to implement a more efficient restraint system than the small support fixed inside. I assume that the buyers of this quad will be resourceful enough to attach two cables (one on each side) to counteract this inconvenience and allow it to be retained in an acceptable manner.

For this model, CFMOTO also offers a storage box that is installed in the same place where the passenger seat is attached. However, we mention it only for your information, because it was not delivered with the vehicle. Therefore, we were not able to appreciate its advantages. Nevertheless, according to the manufacturer, it has 41 liters of storage space and a cushion that acts as a backrest for the driver.

At the front, a mini windshield combined with hand guards is aesthetically pleasing. The windshields also offer protection and deflection of wind and debris that could get in the way.

Finally, one of the points that catch our attention is the beadlock style wheels that are probably the most beautiful in the industry right now. They give a racy and sporty look to this quad with the blue ring contrasting with the black rims. CFMOTO simply hit the nail on the head with this addition.

The engine: highest displacement at CFMOTO.

It was quite normal for CFMOTO to equip its top of the line quad with the highest displacement engine available among its range of quad vehicles. However, I have to confess that I made a mistake when I mentioned in my pre-ride analysis that it was developing about 80 hp. To be more precise, this 963 cc engine offers 74 hp and 58 lbs/ft according to CFMOTO Canada specifications. However, after doing some research, I noticed that this same model had a different sheet on the American side. It mentions 79 hp and 60 lbs/ft. So, the Canadian version would be less powerful than the one from our neighbors!

We must admit that in light of the figures mentioned above, we should not only rely on the number of “cc” to categorize a quad. Even though this vehicle is marked “1000”, its competitors are the Can-am Outlander 850 and the Polaris Sportsman 850 in terms of power.

Nevertheless, it’s on the ground that you can really evaluate the capacity of an engine. By being aware of the data mentioned above, I was able to more accurately assess the capabilities of this engine by lowering my expectations somewhat.

The truth is that the 2022 CFMOTO CFORCE 1000 OVERLAND does very well without saying that it is explosive as hell. Remember that it is a touring machine, and in that category, it fits in nicely.

Throttle response was relatively sensitive at low rpm and required some finesse when riding on technical trails with rocks. I was constantly trying to avoid kickbacks for my riding partner. On open trails where I could exploit its capabilities at higher speeds, that’s exactly where it shone. As a result, I find its torque to be much more appropriate at medium and high speeds for enjoyable rides.

Also, I noticed that this engine produced excessive heat. In winter, this is certainly not a disadvantage, but in the summer heat waves, our thighs will feel an unpleasant discomfort. The overall design of this vehicle does not allow for adequate ventilation and traps heat when we drive at low speeds. I had to look a few times for places to peak for a little coolness.

A surprising traction.

As I mentioned in the beginning, we took possession of our test vehicle, the 2022 CFMOTO CFORCE 1000 OVERLAND, at the first light of spring. Therefore, we were able to ride this quad in muddy spring conditions. To my great surprise, at no time did this quad lack traction when going through very wet areas.

Do the CST Clincher tires have a lot of bite? Maybe so, and if they are responsible for this surprising traction, I’m glad, as this was my first time testing this particular tire model.

What made it even more surprising to cross the muddy areas is that this quad is a heavyweight in its category. This monster weighs 490 kg (1080 lbs) including all fluids. It’s not only imposing, but it also swings the scales quite happily. For comparison, a Can-am Outlander Max XT-P 850 is an estimated 94 kg (206 lbs) lighter.

A suspension that works like a charm.

In full confession, I was a fan of the CFMOTO 800XC from the moment it was released in 2019. Among the things I loved about it was its swingarm suspension. However, like the A-arms which are, in my opinion, worthy of another era, the swing arms allow for smoother work and movement while keeping optimal tire traction in the center of the tread.

I also allowed myself to do some fine tuning by adjusting the response of the shocks for more comfort. These are adjustable in seconds and allow us to adapt to changing trail conditions.

Is it comfortable for 2 people?

The answer is definitely yes. This quad has dimensions that allow two good-sized adults to be very comfortable. In addition, there are raised molded footboards to support the passenger.

The only two issues my passenger had were with the seat. First, she noticed that it was very firm and that she was uncomfortable after several hours of riding. However, we had a brand new vehicle and this seat will tend to soften with time and use.

Secondly, she would have liked it to be slightly higher. Well, we can’t blame CFMOTO for that, because the driver, in this case myself, is almost 6 feet tall, and it was very normal that she had to lean her head to one side or the other to have a good view forward.

In conclusion, do you think that after reading this review, the 2022 CFMOTO CFORCE 1000 OVERLAND will manage to outperform its little brother the 800XC in my reviewer’s heart? I have to admit that the 800XC won me over, and even though our test vehicle showed a lot of potential, it turns out that it did not overtake my favorite CFMOTO. In fact, the OVERLAND is not far behind!

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