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Polaris presents the All-New RZR XP 2024!

olaris starts the month of March with the complete redesign of the RZR XP 2024. This side-by-side is a mid-range model that I consider really interesting for the Quebec market. Here is what it is all about.


In terms of looks, it’s a success, I love the look of the RZR. I can’t wait to see this new model in person. At first, you would think that the vehicle would stay pretty similar to the old model, but it’s not the case. Also, the front grill is different, the lights are different as well as the fenders, especially in the rear portion. The doors are solid and seem to be straighter and aligned with the chassis posts. The hood is lower and it is mentioned that you will have a better view while driving. I must make a special mention of the front bumper that is standard on all models.

The interior also undergoes several changes. First, the seats are different. According to Polaris, the driving position has been lowered by an inch and 1.5 inches towards the rear. We are promised more legroom, which should not be a luxury compared to the previous model. The rear seats will be a bit higher in the four-passenger models. One of the things that really gets me about the cockpit is that the main screen will not be in front of the driver, but right in the middle of the center console. Some people will like this new configuration and others will not like it at all.

Three versions.

The RZR’s variants will remain the same as in the past: Sport, Premium and Ultimate. All the models will still be available in 2 or 4-passenger versions. The Premium model will be popular in my opinion. It will be equipped with a four-point harness, slightly larger tires than the Sport model. This model will also be equipped with a standard roof and in addition the Rockford Fosgate ® Stage 1 audio system.

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Compared to the other versions, the Ultimate version will have the same Rockford Fosgate® audio system, but Stage 3, additional del lights and a 7-inch screen instead of 4 inches. This screen will not only be available with RIDE COMMAND technology but also with a rearview camera, which I find particularly interesting.


We were shown a brand new chassis that according to Polaris is 25% more rigid. You can see in the pictures that the structure that holds the roof back is completely different if you look at the location of the horizontal bars. I must also note the two beams for the front pillar reinforcement, near where the mirrors will be on each side. The dimensions of the new chassis and the vehicle are almost identical to the old one. Polaris decides to keep the same formula. The vehicle is half an inch longer and a little more than 2 inches lower. Its width remains at 64 inches and its wheelbase remains the same at 90 inches. In that sense, I’m a little surprised that Polaris didn’t lengthen the distance between the front and rear wheels like some of its competitors.


Polaris mentions that it’s an all-new, second-generation 114-hp ProStar engine. Not much detail from Polaris on the changes to this engine. It is still a 999cc DOHC two-cylinder model. One important point is that we are promised longer oil change intervals than in the past. Compared to the new chassis and some components, the vehicle gains weight. Still, I believe that the power will be adequate with the increase. I suspect that we will be able to better exploit the performance of this engine with a more rigid chassis.


Several new components for the transmission, with a shorter ratio at low speed. This promises better control in more technical terrain. New axles, a new differential and new, more durable wheel bearings. I’m sure many will be excited about these changes. Let’s just say I’ve heard a lot of stories about replacing these parts in the past. The CVT transmission will also have more air and the drive belt is promised to be more durable.

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Polaris has always been big on suspensions and the RZR XP is no exception. It will be a double-wishbone suspension up front and a trailing arm suspension with a sway bar in the rear. Walker Evans shocks are large and adjustable (16 positions). The 16-inch front and 18-inch rear travel is excellent. The ground clearance will be 14 inches for the sport model and 14.5 for the other models. As with all XP models, the suspension is sure to be excellent, and a more comfortable ride is promised.

Tires, brakes and more.

As far as tires are concerned, we are replacing the Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 with a 29 or 30-inch Trailmaster X/T. These tires will also have a completely different tread pattern to the tire size. I’m looking forward to seeing how these tires perform on the vehicle and their long-term durability. In that sense, I think these new tires will have a lot to prove. The brakes are dual-piston in the front and single-piston in the rear.

Towing capacity remains unchanged at 1500lbs and cargo capacity remains at 300lbs. The new RZR XP will come with more than 60 new accessories, including a rear trunk that closes entirely with a panel and a wheel rack. You can also opt for a heater and an enclosed cab. If that’s not enough, you can also turn to Pro Armor, which will provide a wide range of accessories.

To Conclude

In conclusion, it’s worth mentioning that the first RZR XP dates back to 2014. Although there have been several modifications and improvements over the years, we are presented with something completely new for the tenth anniversary. With this new redesign, Polaris promises us better durability of the vehicle in general. I believe that Polaris has really made an effort to increase its long-term reliability. Moreover, the base model of the RZR XP 2024 is 1500$ less than the 2023 model. In this sense, I think this new RZR XP 2024 will be interesting. To conclude, I think Polaris has brought a lot of great ideas on paper. I’m really looking forward to testing it and seeing if the promises will be kept.

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