Polaris- 2021 Autoquads models

There are three main models of CCV at Polaris. The RZR, the Ranger and the General.

The RZR is the most performance oriented model. It is also the model that has the most choices at Polaris. We can have it in several configurations according to our needs, for example, 50 inches wide for the trail or wider for more stability and performance. Depending on the model, it is available in 1, 2 or 4 seaters. There is also a wide choice of engines. For the 1000 cc, you can have it with a turbo that develops a total of 168 hp. The PRO version is the latest and most powerful model of the RZR, also available in different configurations.

The Ranger is the utility CCV designed for work and leisure. It is also possible to have it in different configurations. There are 2, 3 or 4 seaters. For the 3 and 4 seaters, there are three choices, the 570, the 1000 and the 1000 XP. The 2-seater version is available with an electric version or with the 500 and 570 engine. The electric version is the equivalent of a 30 hp motor, capable of towing 1500 lbs with an unmatched smoothness of ride. There are also several special edition choices besides these versions.

The General is the most versatile side-by-side with its rear box and sporty performance. There is a 2-seater and a 4-seater version, in 1000 or 1000 XP.



Trail, Work, Recreational riding

Engine 999 cc, twin cylinder, 4 stroke, liquid
Dimensions 295,6 x 158,7 x 187 cm      300 x 162,5 x 190,5 cm (XP)
Ground clearance
Tank capacity 35,9 liters
Weight 645 kg / 776,5 kg
Color(s) Assorted colors to match the editions
MSRP From $19,999 / $28,699

The General remains one of the best choices for versatility for trail enthusiasts who also want to get work done. Simply the best SUV on the market! The perfect touring machine with power, handling and impressive cargo and towing capacity.

Ranger 500 / 570 / EV

Work, Hunting

Engine 500 cc/ 567 cc, single cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid; Electric: rechargeable battery (EV)
Dimensions 279 x 147 x 185 cm
Ground clearance
Tank capacity 34.1 liters / Batteries: N/A
Weight 483 kg / 501 kg /799.2 kg
Color(s) Multiple
MSRP $11,599 / $12,399 / $14,599

For contractors, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts who want an ultra-compact, yet capable workhorse, Polaris offers three models this year. For the environmentally conscious, there is now the EV model which is ultra quiet and clean.

Ranger 570 Full Size / 1000 / XP 1000

Work, Recreational riding

Engine 567 cc / single cylinder / 999 cc, twin cylinder, 4 stroke, liquid
Dimensions 305 x 158 x 196 cm (XP 1000)  305 x 158 x 193 cm (1000)  290 x 152 x 188 cm (570)
Ground clearance
Tank capacity 34.1 liters / 43 liters / 43.5 liters
Weight 486 kg / 696 kg (570) / 723 kg
Color(s) Assorted colors to match the editions
MSRP $12,199 / $15,899 / $20,699

The Ranger 3-seater lineup has been reduced to just three models with special editions. The Ranger 1000 joins the family with a more streamlined version for work, but just as capable and smoother than its big brother, the XP 1000. Solidly built for both work and play, the full-size Rangers offer the perfect ride and handling to tackle the toughest jobs.

Ranger CREW 570/ 570 full size / 1000 / XP 1000

Work, Hunting, Mud

Engine 567 cc / 999 cc, single / twin cylinder, 4 stroke
Dimensions 305 x 158 x 196 cm (570) 305 x 158 x 193 cm (570 full size) 386 x 158 x 193 cm (1000, XP 1000)
Ground clearance
Tank capacity 34.1 liters / 34.1 liters / 43 liters / 43.5 liters
Weight 601,4 kg / 631 kg / 744 kg / 876 kg
Color(s) Assorted colors to match editions
MSRP $13,999 / $14,899 / $17,499 / $21,999

Transport up to six people to work or your hunting party to the cottage! Share the off-road experience with family and friends in the legendary comfort of the Ranger! When you need arms for work, the Ranger Crew is there! Now available in ultra-luxury NorthStar and High Lifter versions for the mud at almost prohibitive prices.



Engine 925 cc, twin-cylinder, turbocharged
Dimensions 320 x 162,6 x 182,1 cm
Ground clearance
Tank capacity 45,4 liters
Weight 798 kg
Color(s) Colors to match the editions
MSRP Starting at $27,999

Although it’s an RZR, it has its own platform. The rider sits lower in the chassis, the turbo engine develops an impressive 181 hp, the cockpit is more comfortable and the steering wheel is adjustable. Equipped with the Dynamix 2.0 active suspension, this is the most sophisticated and capable RZR in the industry.



Engine 150 cc / 169 cc, single cylinder, 4 stroke, liquid injection
Dimensions 215,9 x 121,9 x 139,7 cm /  215,9 x 121,9 x 147,3 cm
Ground clearance
Tank capacity 9,5 liters
Weight 241 kg / 305 kg
Color(s) Assorted colors to match editions
MSRP $6199 / $6499

What better way for a child to follow his parents than with his own RZR 170 or Ranger 150! These are the only young rider’s quads on the market. In addition to the typical RZR or Ranger look, your children will live their passion with you thanks to reliable machines, adapted for them and which require almost no maintenance.

RZR RS-1 / XP 1000 / Turbo / Turbo S


Engine 999 cc, twin cylinder, 925 cc, twin turbo
Dimensions 284,5 x 162,6 x 187,3 cm (RS1)   302,2 x 162,6 x 187,3 cm (XP 1000 / Turbo)  309,9 x 182,8 x 190,5 cm (Turbo S)
Ground clearance
Tank capacity 35,9 liters
Weight 627 kg to 808 kg
Color(s) Assorted colors to match editions
MSRP $18,299 to $34,499

The RZR PRO XP now reigns in the performance RZR field, but Polaris has a full line of high performance VCCs for every taste and budget. The single-seater RS1 remains unquestionably the best price-performance ratio in the industry. Its big brother, the XP 1000, is the oldest performance model, followed by the Turbo 64 and the racing machine, the XP Turbo S.

RZR Trail 570 / S 900 / S 1000

Trail, Performance

Engine 567 cc, single cylinder 875 cc, twin-cylinder 999 cc, twin cylinder
Dimensions 273 x 127 x 175,2 cm (Trail)   274,3 x 152,4 x 182,9 cm (S series)
Ground clearance
Tank capacity 27.4 liters / 35.9 liters
Weight 452 kg to 560 kg
Color(s) Multiple
MSRP $12,999 / $21,299

When it comes to touring, Polaris has something for everyone. In 50″, the RZR 570, with its small but punchy single-cylinder, and the 900 (which is much more powerful and just as compact) are made for those who want to go where a quad goes, while the RZR S 900 and 1000 are good value sport-utility models with a 60″ wheelbase. They are more comfortable with more suspension travel. One of the best values on the market (S 900) for federated trails.

RZR XP 4 1000 / XP4 TURBO / XP4 Turbo S 4 / XP Pro 4

Trail, Performance, Recreational riding

Engine 999 cc, twin cylinder (1000), 4 stroke, liquid / 925 cc, twin cylinder, 4 strokes, liquid
Dimensions 370,8 x 162,6 x 187,3 cm (XP4 1000 & XP4 Turbo) 378,5 x 182,8 x 193 cm (Turbo S 4)   393,7 x 162,6 x 186,9 cm (Pro XP 4)
Ground clearance
Tank capacity 35.9 liters / 49.2 liters (Pro XP 4)
Weight 758 kg to 916 kg
Color(s) Colors to match the editions
MSRP $26,799 to $31,499

Pure adrenaline for family and friends! All the power of the sport models of the RZR range in a 4-seater version. Whether it’s the RZR 4 S 1000 with its 60″ wheelbase or the super sporty XP Turbo, you don’t just get power, you also get comfort for you and your passengers. The family version of touring! There’s one for every taste and budget.