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Segway Snarler AT6L X 2021 Review

For a journalist, having the chance to test a new model is always exciting. Having the chance to try out a new model from a brand new manufacturer is something quite unique. That’s what I had the chance to do during the last few days. Indeed, I was able to take a seat on the Snarler AT6L X 2021 from Segway.


The manufacturer

Segway is not the first one to come. It is a very well established company that was founded in 1999. Without knowing it, you already know one of its main products, the electric Personal Transporter.

Another of its products that is starting to make its way onto our lawns is the robotic lawn mower.

In the last few years, Segway has created a Powersports division. This year, the first three Segway ATV models arrived: the Snarler! This is only the beginning as the manufacturer has announced a utility side-by-side, the Fugleman. This one is starting to arrive in Quebec. Finally, a sport side-by-side model will also arrive at Segway dealerships in the next few months.

An important aspect to mention here is that the Snarler is designed in Seattle, USA and Segway does not want to compromise on the quality of its components. If you visit a Segway dealership, come closer and look at all the little details, the caliber of the chassis components, the ride, the suspension… A picture is worth a thousand words as they say!

Hybrid motorization

Although for the moment the units delivered are powered by gasoline engines, the manufacturer will offer hybrid models from 2022. The manufacturer’s goal is to offer all its models in hybrid versions. If the vehicles have the necessary range, they will undoubtedly be very popular.

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The Snarler AT6L X 2021

The Snarler family includes three models, including a two-seater. This is the one I got to drive! When you take a look at the machine, you are immediately impressed by the look, the quality of the finish, the care taken in the design of the cockpit and the standard equipment.

The riding position is comfortable. You sit upright and have plenty of legroom. People 6 feet and taller will be delighted because they can be comfortable even with a passenger in the back.

The position of the controls is intuitive and they are easy to operate. A small point to improve would be the pictograms for the two to four wheel drive and the button to lock the differential. Strangely, the same logo is used on both buttons. Fortunately, on the display, you can easily see which modes are active.

Speaking of the screen, all the information is there. I like the clock which is not yet found on all displays in the industry. The screen is easy to read and the information is legible even when you are driving. Moreover, in bright sunlight, the information presented is easy to see.

The seat is firm but comfortable. Its shape allows you to move from left to right with ease. This is much appreciated on winding roads! The footrests are spacious and the rear part of the front wheel fenders is concave, which provides extra leg and foot room. When riding sporty, I put pressure on my feet to help me make tight turns. I have plenty of support and I loved this aspect.

The brake pedal is also well positioned… not too far forward, not too far back. Just the way I like them! On each side of the running boards, a tubular protection allows the vehicle to slide over rocks and other obstacles in excessively rocky or technical terrain.

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Snarler AT6L X Engine

All Snarlers have the same 570cc single-cylinder engine. It develops 44 hp, which puts it well within the 600cc range. Without being a power bomb, the engine responds well and gives sustained acceleration. The engine brake is impressive. It surprised my colleague Cyndi and me during our respective tests. After a few kilometers, I quickly got used to it.

The acceleration out of corners is good and without hesitation.

The gearshift engages super easily and is precise.

The steering

The vehicle’s steering is precise. Although the turning radius seems a bit large to me, you can handle it with ease. Riding on narrow and winding paths is a real pleasure!

The suspension

Segway has opted to manufacture its own shock absorbers. On the model I tried, the gas shocks did a good job. What pleasantly surprised me was the fact that these shocks allow for adjustments in compression and rebound. Add in the ability to adjust the preload (using the spring) and you can literally adjust the suspension to find the configuration that suits you best.

On a two-seater model, you can easily change the settings depending on whether you are riding with or without a passenger. This level of adjustment is very, very rare for ATVs in this price category. Personally, this could be a determining aspect in my choice of ATV.


The passenger seat is comfortable and the backrest provides good support for the lower back. The handgrips are well positioned and allow for several hand gripping positions. The only thing would be to give them a little flexibility to absorb some of the shocks that could happen while riding.

Standard equipment

All Snarlers come standard with mirrors, horn, turn signals, ball hitch and a 2 inch ball, electrical connector for a trailer and more.

The Snarler AT6L X is also equipped with 14 inch aluminum wheel rims, a 2500 lbs winch and LED headlights.

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In conclusion

I greatly enjoyed my test drive of the Snarler AT6L X. I am sure that it will meet the needs of a great number of quad riders, whether they ride alone or in duo. I invite you to visit a Segway dealership and possibly try it out. This machine will not leave you indifferent I’m sure!

I would like to thank Eskape (Granby and Chambly) and the manufacturer Segway for making this test possible.

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