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Our favorite: ZForce 950 2021

CFMOTO has been on a roll for the past few years. In the last months, the manufacturer has announced a brand new side-by-side vehicle: the ZForce 950. Its bold look and flowing lines make this quad truly unique in the industry. With its 963 cc engine and 79 hp, it offers very good performance. The adjustable suspension in compression and rebound allows you to adjust the vehicle according to your preferences or the type of driving you adopt.

The interior is well designed. First of all, the digital gauges offer a clear reading of the information even while driving. The seats are comfortable and there is much more leg room than other ZForce models. This makes it easier to accommodate taller people.

The basic equipment includes the roof, the side mirrors and the 3500 lbs winch. The half doors are also included but the opening lets in a lot of air. This may be desirable in the summer, but in the fall or winter you should plan to equip the vehicle with full doors to avoid freezing.

Access to the air filter is easy but the location of the fuel cap can be problematic. The rear deck is lower than what we are used to seeing for this type of vehicle. One advantage is that it is possible for the driver to see what is behind in reverse. In conclusion, the ZForce 950 seduced me!

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UForce 1000 EPS LX

Work, Hunting

Engine 963 cc, V-twin
Dimensions 294.5 x 161.5 x 185 cm   
Ground clearance
Tank capacity 39.25 liters
Weight 689 kg
Color(s) Blue, gray
MSRP $17,699

This is CFMoto’s biggest utility vehicle! With its very modern design, it knows how to attract the eyes. The interior layout is complete, with a large three-seat bench, a full dashboard and plenty of storage. It’s ready to work with its 3500 lb winch with remote control, electronic power steering and tiltable rear box. Like the rest of the line, it comes with a 5-year powertrain warranty.

The Trakto: A Highly Versatile All-Terrain Vehicle
The Trakto: A Highly Versatile All-Terrain Vehicle

ZForce 800 EX EPS LX/ Trail 50″ / 500 HO

Trail, Performance, Recreational riding

Engine 495 cc / 800 cc, single/twin
Dimensions 287 x 131 x 177 cm / 287 x 151 x 183 cm
Ground clearance
Tank capacity 27 liters
Weight 580 - 595  kg
Color(s) Grey, Blue, Orange
MSRP $12,699 – $16,099

The ZForce 800 EX and its trail model with a 50″ wide track are now popular in Quebec. They are very appreciated by quad riders on federated trails. They offer clean performance and are comfortable thanks to a suspension that provides a ride worthy of much more expensive machines. The “little” 500 HO remains one of the least expensive sport utility quad in the country, saving thousands of dollars compared to the brand’s or the competition’s 1000 cc.

Join the InfoQuad.com team and share your passion for quad!
Expo Nature in Saguenay: Between Sustainable Innovations and Outdoor Discoveries

ZForce 950 EPS SPoRT

Trail, Performance, Recreational riding

Engine  963 cc, V-twin
Dimensions 299 x 156.5 x 182 cm
Ground clearance
Tank capacity 36.5 liters
Weight 680 kg
Color(s) Gray, mercury gray
MSRP $18,999

The ultimate in the CFMoto line: the ZForce 950! This one blew us away during our tests. An agile and very stable VCC on the trail. The new styling is a bit flashier, but I must admit that we liked it! Set up on a suspension that can be adjusted for compression, rebound and preload, the vehicle is very comfortable on the trail. As always, we are dealing with a well-equipped vehicle that is protected for 5 years. All this is aggressively placed in the market.

Expo Nature in Saguenay: Between Sustainable Innovations and Outdoor Discoveries
The Trakto: A Highly Versatile All-Terrain Vehicle