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The ATV lineup remains unchanged in 2021.

The KFX is available in 50 and 90 cc versions for the enjoyment of children and even several generations. These ATVs are not molded plastic toys, but real model quads with a steel engine and frame and real tires. Both models are offered this year.

The Brute Force 300 also remains mechanically unchanged in 2021. The only difference is the choice of color. You can choose between “super black” and “bright white”.

The Brute Force 750s have also remained unchanged. The same three models are back with different color options.

The Brute Force remains a great value and the fact that there are no changes is an indicator that these models are mature.

A recent test of the Brute Force 750 4x4i EPS 2021 showed us that this machine was a very good buy, considering the price/performance ratio. The two-cylinder engine offers good bursts of power. The suspension is effective and the vehicle’s handling is impressive. The brakes are always present and very effective even after crossing a deep swamp. Several features show us the attention to detail that Kawasaki has given to this model. For example, the luggage racks are designed to effectively attach elastic straps without the hooks slipping off while riding. This is just a small example.

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Brute Force 300 2×4

Trail, Recreational riding

Engine 271 cc, 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine
Dimensions 191,5 x 108 x 117 cm
Ground clearance 15,5 cm
Tank capacity 12 liters
Weight 243 kg
Color(s) Red, Black
MSRP $5,099

When you don’t need a big 4×4 and budget is important, the entry-level model does the trick. At half the price of a Brute Force 750, it makes you think. The manufacturer’s only two-wheel-drive quad is powered by a 271-cc, single-cylinder, four-stroke, liquid-cooled engine with a single overhead camshaft. It produces 22 hp at 7500 rpm and 16 lb-ft of torque at 6500 rpm. It is versatile and will be a good start to learn to ride a quad.

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Brute Force 750

Trail, Work, Recreational riding

Engine 749cc, 4-stroke, 90-degree V-twin engine
Dimensions 219,5 x 118 x 122 cm
Ground clearance 24 cm
Tank capacity 19 liters
Weight 315 kg
Color(s) Red / Black / Blue / Orange 
MSRP $9,999 to $12,399

The Kawasaki Brute Force 750 4x4i EPS does not face any modification in 2020. The last version of the fuel-injected engine dates back to 2008. The last updates were made in 2015. The good thing is the reliability of the beast. The Japanese have had time to fine-tune the Brute Force. Powerful engine, nice CVT and more than acceptable cycle part. The green-colored brand has many unconditional fans as well as a substantial dealer network.

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KFX 50 / 90 SPORT


Engine 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine, 49,5 cc / 89,9 cc
Dimensions 142,5 x 90,5 x 92,5 cm
Ground clearance 10 cm
Tank capacity 5,5 liters
Weight 121 kg
Color(s) Blue
MSRP $2,599 / $3,299

Kawasaki is thinking about the new generations by offering two junior models that could be used in Quebec before the recommended age of 6 or 12, on private land of course. The choice of the four-stroke engine is a good idea for the noise level and the reduced maintenance. They do not receive an increase this year and they will keep a good resale value. Safety is a priority with two elements that allow you to modulate the speed and power according to the degree of progress of the young pilot.

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