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2023 New Release Segments Side by Side at CFMOTO

No one can say now that they have never heard of the manufacturer CFMOTO. Their recreational vehicles are sold in 70 countries.

They are well established in our landscape and their dealer network is as impressive as the number of their vehicles on our trails. An aggressive advertising campaign that has been omnipresent over the last few years has paid off.

Are you looking for your next vehicle in the side-by-side category? Now is the perfect time, because we’ve prepared a summary of what’s new in 2023 from Canadian manufacturer CFMOTO.

Associated with a World-Class Designer

There’s no denying that CFMOTO has spared no expense in making its vehicles more attractive. In order to stand out from the competition, they have partnered with Kiska Design for the development of their vehicles.

Some time ago, they presented us with the ZFORCE 950 concept, an all-new design of their prestigious ZFORCE. Let’s face it, this vehicle combines interior and exterior in exaggerated shapes and dynamic posture. Everywhere it goes, it leaves no one indifferent.

A Return to the End of 2022:

Previously introduced with the 963-cc engine developing 79 HP, the CFMOTO ZFORCE 950 was to turn the tables when it was introduced. So why stop there? Well, CFMOTO surprised us once again with the introduction of two new versions with more equipment and power.


Essentially, we find the same ergonomics that made the ZFORCE 950 successful. However, the engine offers more power for those who want that little bit extra to take them higher and farther. This one develops 90 HP for adrenaline rushes in no time.

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Available in 3 distinctive colors for 2023, its aesthetics are perfectly matched with the RIDEVISION LED headlights and tail lights with integrated turn signals. The digital color gauge with Bluetooth indicator has become the standard in this type of vehicle. Legroom is much more present than in the past to accommodate occupants of all sizes.

We frequently ask about the validity of having electric power steering on a side-by-side vehicle. The answer we can give is simple: once you’ve experienced this driving aid, you won’t want to do without it. The CFMOTO ZFORCE 950 HO SPORT 2023 offers the possibility of having positive steering feedback that provides easier rides. At the same time, the EPS will significantly reduce the fatigue factor.

As a matter of course, this vehicle is equipped with the world-renowned CVTech – IBC continuously variable transmission.

CFMoto 2023


The EX variant offers all the previously named specs, but with a few nice additions:

First, compared to the 60-inch SPORT version, the EX version has a 64-inch width for better stability in hyper sport riding.

In addition, it is equipped with beadlock wheels mounted on 29-inch tires.

Without a doubt, this EX version will turn heads with its unique features. 

The new Gen 2 chassis for 2023:

To be honest, CFMOTO was due for a change in its platform from 2014 – on the SNYPER 800 model and then on the ZFORCE model for the following years. The new Gen 2 platform at CFMOTO is a breath of fresh air and it lands an instant “WOW”. Completely redesigned, it amazes with its new, more flamboyant look. It includes the roof, new doors and a winch.

 2 TRAIL versions:

For 2023, we get 2 versions called trail [TRAIL]. According to the manufacturer’s specifications, its width is 50 inches. Its finish has been greatly improved and the refinement has undergone a huge step forward compared to its previous version.

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CFMoto 2023

The ZFORCE TRAIL Gen 2 features dual A-arms up front with gas shocks offering 255 mm of travel. At the rear, we find a torsion arm system like we find on high-end sport bikes.

The well-known 800 cc [62 HP] engine powers the entry-level model, while a 950 cc [79 HP] version is also available.

They come with a 5-inch digital screen to give us all the information we need during our rides, a sporty steering wheel, sport seats and LED headlights.

A wide range of standard equipment is offered for these models:

  • Gas ajustable shocks,
  • CVTech – IBC continuously variable transmission,
  • Electric Power Steering [EPS],
  • 3500 lb. Winch,
  • Roof and half doors included,
  • New 14-inch aluminum alloy wheels,
  • Digital display dashboard with full instrumentation,
  • 12V outlet, mirrors,
  • LED headlight with integrated turn signals.

CFMoto 2023

A SPORT Version

For the 2023 model year, CFMOTO is also offering a SPORT version of its ZFORCE Gen 2 model. This one offers all the specifications mentioned above, but with a few additions that will make the difference for those looking for the sporty side of this renewed version.

This one is only available with the 963cc engine and a 60-inch width for greater stability.

To conclude, we have proof that CFMOTO is not sitting on its laurels despite its enormous success. The offer for enthusiasts is growing and the choice becomes almost a dilemma. Quad riders couldn’t ask for more! 

For more details, visit https://cfmoto.ca