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A Classic Quad Ride in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean


Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, a region in Quebec famous for its breathtaking landscapes and abundant nature, offers a unique experience for enthusiasts of various off-road vehicles. Imagine yourself traversing winding trails, surrounded by lush forests and shimmering lakes. An adventure in a side-by-side or on a quad promises both adrenaline and inner peace.

Every corner of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean reveals natural wonders waiting to be explored. Visiting them in a side-by-side allows visitors to connect with nature and experience unparalleled moments of escape. Whether it’s the grandeur of the fjord, the tranquility of the lake, or the majesty of the mountains, the region offers a diverse palette of landscapes. Each panorama offers its unique character and beauty recognized worldwide.

I went on a ride with my partner, Kathy, one weekend, and I would like to mention a few places and clubs we visited on Saturday. More articles will follow soon about other notable places and different clubs in the 02 region. Enjoy the read, gang.

North of the Saguenay River

Among the clubs dotting this region, the Club Quad Aventure Valin stands out for its commitment to safety and the quality of its trails. With well-maintained paths and clear signage, this club ensures an unforgettable experience for drivers of all levels. It should be noted that this club has rebuilt almost all of its trails over the past four or five years. Moreover, the work is done well from the start, ensuring that the trails are designed to last. In fact, I wrote an article on the quality of the trails a few years ago. It is only available in French, but I encourage you to read it if you can.

Not far away, the Club Quad Saguenay offers access to over 100 km of summer trails and about 100 km of winter tracks, making it possible to ride a quad year-round. The club doesn’t even close during the thaw. It NEVER closes. The emphasis is on safe and organized driving, with passionate and welcoming members who gladly share their knowledge and favourite routes.

Roger and Pat, whom I often encounter, do a fantastic job of maintaining the trails. I would say that the majority of their trails are in my “top 5” in Quebec. Keep in mind that I have seen most of Quebec, from north of Montréal to the Côte-Nord, in terms of trails.

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The Gateway to Lac-Saint-Jean

The club La Cité du Quad, located in the Lac-Saint-Jean-Est RCM, enhances the region’s trail network by offering varied circuits that traverse breathtaking landscapes. Whether you are an experienced rider or a beginner, this club offers routes suitable for everyone, allowing you to discover the wonders of Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean from a different perspective.

La Cité du Quad is a club with a large forested territory. It is important to stay on the federated trails, as it could be easy to get lost for a quad rider venturing off track.

This club is open only during the summer. The new president, Jean-Sébastien, is working very hard to improve the trails and build a strong team of volunteers. The change is evident as well. Indeed, in recent years, this club has become a real pleasure to ride during our outings, though it has always been satisfactory in the past. Good job! And thank you!

The Food!

Each club contributes to the richness of the region’s quad offerings. They host events, training sessions, and activities that strengthen the quad community. A classic side-by-side ride in Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean is thus more than just an outing. It’s an immersion into a vibrant local culture, where adventure and camaraderie meet on every trail.

Évasion Péribonka

Speaking of “immersion into the culture,” it necessarily includes “food!” We had the chance to stop for lunch at Évasion Péribonka this time. I’ll tell you honestly, it was truly delicious. I had a vegetable soup with breaded shrimp, while my partner had their famous chicken burger with locally fried chicken. It was really delightful.

It’s not embarrassing at all to say that we appreciated the “culture” in this excellent food. Their presentation is quite interesting as well. And what about the quality of the service? More than excellent! Our waitress, Jennifer, definitely deserves a raise for her work that exceeds expectations. The owner, Carole, also welcomed us with a smile and a good conversation. She mentioned that there are also large, air-conditioned cabins and standard cabins available for rent at Évasion Péribonka. It’s truly a place to see! Resting after a long ride is delightful in the luxury of the cabins along the Péribonka River.

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Our Ride

To fully enjoy the natural beauty of Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, each season has its own charm and advantages. Summer, from June to August, is ideal for side-by-side rides. The trails are clear, and nature is in full bloom. It’s the perfect time to admire the Saguenay fjord and Lake Saint-Jean in all their splendour, with long, sunny days that allow for extended excursions.

For this first outing of the year, we went in mid-May. It was still spring, but this year the weather was so beautiful that I would describe May as a spring-summer hybrid! I’m sure everyone from my region will agree with me this year.

Spring, from March to May, is the season of renewal. The snow melts and the rivers swell. It’s a transitional period, often marked by variable temperatures and thawing ice. For those who enjoy changing landscapes and tranquility before the summer crowds arrive, it’s an opportune time to visit Saguenay—Lac-Saint-Jean. And as a bonus, you won’t encounter any mosquitoes! That’s a relatively important detail. Do I need to provide any other arguments after that?


Saguenay—Lac-Saint-Jean : A Paradise of Nature and Culture

Let’s acknowledge that every place tells a story and sparks adventure. Local clubs, such as Club Quad Aventure Valin, Club Quad Saguenay, and Club Quad Cité du Quad, enhance the experience by providing secure trails and community activities.

In summary, Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean is a mosaic of natural and cultural wonders. It’s a paradise for quad enthusiasts seeking to escape into the wild beauty of Quebec. And let’s not forget about the food! Talk to you again in my next column, folks!

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