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Gaspésie Quad Tour 2024— It Begins June 9th

gaspésie quad tour

Some regions carry within them an aura of epic, discoveries, and wild expanses. For quad enthusiasts looking for extraordinary destinations, these territories exert an irresistible fascination. As for me, a region of Quebec holds a particularly strong attraction: Gaspésie. That’s why, again this year, I am getting ready to embark on an adventure for a tour of Gaspésie by quad!

An Annual Meeting Since 2014

The story began when my friend André Blouin, who lives in Amqui, suggested that I join him for a seven-day journey. At the time of my registration, I could already imagine spending a fabulous week exploring Gaspésie by quad. However, what I didn’t know was that this adventure would literally captivate me!

gaspésie quad tour

With the exception of a few editions I couldn’t participate in, I have had the pleasure of experiencing this unique adventure every June since 2014. And I am not the only one faithful to the meeting. In fact, I would say that around 80% of participants return for a new Gaspésie Quad Tour each year. Some, like me, are present at each edition, while others join the group every two or three years.

Exploring Gaspésie by Quad: An Unforgettable Journey

The landscapes of Gaspésie are as varied as the trails that cross them. From vast forests stretching as far as the eye can see to spectacular rocky coasts, including the famous Rocher Percé and breathtaking viewpoints like those of Mont Saint-Pierre and Mont-Louis. Not to mention the majestic Chic-Chocs mountains that proudly stand at the heart of the Gaspé Peninsula.

Making the Right Choice of Tires for Your Quad

gaspésie quad tour

Exploring the Unknown: the Unexpected Adventures of a Gaspésie Quad Tour

Sometimes, your journey can take unexpected turns. When you venture far from civilization, into the depths of the forest, expect the unexpected.

At every turn of the trail, you could be greeted by the majestic presence of a moose, a deer, or even a bear. Beaver dams sometimes flood the trail, while landslides can block your path. And if you venture out in June, be prepared to face snow, perhaps at the cost of skillful use of your winch. But isn’t that, after all, the very essence of adventure?

Plan Your Trip

Before embarking on your journey, thorough preparation is essential. This is especially true this year (2024), as a significant portion of the trail network in the Gaspé area is closed for the season. Therefore, it is necessary to find a compromise in terms of your route since the north and south of the peninsula are no longer connected.

Trails open as of June 2024 on the eastern tip of the Gaspé Peninsula.
Trails open as of June 2024 on the eastern tip of the Gaspé Peninsula.

If you are considering exploring Gaspésie by quad for the first time, I highly recommend joining a guided tour and checking out the Tourism Gaspésie website.

Signage may be less present in some areas, especially outside the Trans-Québec trail. It is therefore crucial to have people in your group familiar with the region, especially with alternative routes and the locations of services such as gas stations, dealerships, hotels, and restaurants.

gaspésie quad tour

Of course, the iQuad app or a good GPS with an up-to-date trail map could be very useful to you. Here are two alternatives to iQuad for those who prefer to use a GPS:

The 2024 Edition

This year, the Gaspésie Quad Tour will take place from June 9th to 15th. The group will consist of 35 people who will cover around 1400 km in 7 days. There will be 23 vehicles at the start in Amqui.

Daily Reports of the 2024 Edition of the Gaspésie Quad Tour

As every year, InfoQuad.com will publish daily reports throughout the week. You will then be able to follow our group during our Tour de la Gaspésie by quad.

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If you are eager to read our reports, I invite you to read or reread the reports from the last two editions in which I participated. The list of links is at the bottom of this article.

Health Warning from Santé-InfoQuad!

If you are considering a similar trip in Gaspésie, I must warn you that a Tour de la Gaspésie by quad can create an addiction! Indeed, you will surely want to go back… You have been warned!

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