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Cam-Am Renegade X xc 1000 2022, always a lot of fun!

At the end of this summer, I had the chance to test the Renegade X xc 1000 2022 on a day of a little more than 350km in New Brunswick. Here are my impressions.

This is the second time I test drove this model, the first time was in 2016 which will allow me to make a small comparison. There have been no major changes over the years, but a lot of refinement and improvements in 2020. I like the color choices for 2022. Even though we’ve been keeping pretty much the same formula for a long time, I’m not bored with the look, it still looks great and is in no way out of style.

The engine

The Renegade X xc has the Rotax V-twin engine, available in the 850 version with 78hp or in the 1000R version with 91hp which I tested. Two engines that I like and that have proven themselves in terms of performance, efficiency and reliability. Note that the 1000R version was 89hp in 2016. The ATV has a revised CVT transmission, 4×4 mode and a front locking differential system. The suspension is still the same type, with a wishbone front and an independent rear suspension. However, it has been widened to 48 inches from 46 inches in 2016. Still two brake discs up front, but one disc has been removed from the rear on the new frame. Compared to 2016, there is also the addition of the ITC system for electronic throttle management as well as a new digital display that is much more convenient and easy to read than before. Another new feature is that the height under the vehicle has been increased by an inch.

Otherwise, in general, most of the components remain unchanged: the shocks are Fox Podium 1.5 RC2, the tires are 25-inch ITP Holeshot ATR with 12-inch rims.

The ATV still has a standard power steering system with three modes. The X xc version has, among other things, beadlock rings as well as a protection under the front and central quad.

The towing capacity is the same, 1300lbs and the fuel tank is also 20.5 liters. The lights are still not LED but are still quite efficient.

The driving

First thing before setting off with this Renegade, I make sure I’m in sport mode and in two-wheel drive mode, it’s a must. After a few minutes, I am already very comfortable with the vehicle, a huge smile on my face. It’s hard to stay clean, the mud rises on all sides after a good rain. I still have a lot of fun with this sport ATV. It is powerful, but also comfortable compared to a traditional sport ATV. On the Renegade, I really like the upright riding position considering it is a sport model. I still like the G2 chassis platform even though it is getting old and has been on the market for ten years already. In terms of acceleration and response, it’s excellent. This engine has a lot of torque and it never seems to run out of energy, you never seem to reach its limits. The CVT is quieter than before, you don’t hear the drive belt as much. It delivers power to the wheels very well. The transmission slams less than on previous generations, the engine brake is also better calibrated. The ITC system is efficient, better than the old generations with a rope, especially in sport mode. From a personal point of view, the ITC system delivers better power, but for the moment I prefer the non-electronic system of the old models. This is not a problem especially with the Renegade. I find the throttle too sensitive and nervous in sport mode, at low rpm, especially in an extremely tight wooded road, but you’ll tell me that I shouldn’t be driving in sport mode in a wood. I make an aside to note that the ITC system button is well placed to get hung up in when boarding the vehicle or that a tree branch catches it. This happened to me without realizing it with an Outlander while hunting and I got scared when I thought I was in work mode. Back to my point, even while driving, the system is too sensitive, it gives you a few jolts when you maintain a certain speed and a simple hole makes you move your thumb on the throttle. I would prefer more raw power (hp) and less nervousness on the throttle, or both.

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The FOX Podium rc2 shocks do a great job. With this ATV, I was purposely going straight through holes in the middle of the trail at a good speed, it holds up.  At some point, I prefer the FOX Podium QS3s because of the ease of adjustment, but the rc2 suspension is really more capable. It’s better calibrated to absorb bumps and jumps, better suited for aggressive riding in rough terrain. My favorite thing about the Renegade X xc compared to my test ride in 2016 is the wider suspension. It definitely makes a difference in the overall handling. The ATV is much more stable and predictable than before. It has gained about 20 pounds since 2016, probably because of the suspension. Despite the weight gain, I didn’t notice a difference in acceleration, nor a lack of performance. For driving, the Renegade doesn’t tend to understeer like the Outlander. I really like Can-Am’s power steering system. The three modes are effective depending on the type of driving and terrain and it adapts very well to the speed you want. The ITP Holeshot ATR tires are perfect for this ATV, both for skidding and for the smoothness of the ride in general. As for braking, even though we removed a disc, I don’t see any difference, but I guess if you use the brakes a lot in a day, there will be a difference. Although the wheel size remains unchanged at 12 inches, it doesn’t affect the handling and it’s still well suited for this type of sports vehicle.

Desired improvements

There are a few things I don’t like about the Renegade X xc. First of all, there is no storage on a Renegade.  It would be so easy to add a small net for a water bottle and a small space near the center console to store your wallet and cell phone. Also, I don’t understand why there is an “eco” mode on a sport quad, I really don’t see the point. I would prefer a race mode for example. Another comment, the big new feature for 2022 ATVs at Can-Am is the Visco-4Lok system, and unfortunately it is not offered on the X xc version. Still, I have to admit that I haven’t ridden the vehicle in 4WD all day and I wouldn’t do it most of the time. I would still take the Visco-4Lok mode because I’m sure it would come in handy at some point, although I must admit that it is definitely more appropriate and available for the Xmr version of the Renegade. If I compare my test drive of the Renegade to the one I did in 2016, I wouldn’t go back, especially for the extended suspension.

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In conclusion, I loved my test drive. From my personal opinion and my type of riding, the Renegade 1000 X xc is one of my favorites, if not my favorite in Can-Am and even the entire industry. It is a top of the line sport quad and I still have a blast with it, a pure fun and adrenaline filled ATV. Over the years, it has become much more refined. I guess Can-Am is currently working on a new G3 chassis and I can’t wait to see what they can come up with, I suggest even more power.  Thanks to Can-Am and Infoquad.com for allowing me to do this test.

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