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The CFMOTO CFORCE 600 EPS TOURING 2021: a sensible choice

This summer, I had the chance to make a first contact with the CFMOTO brand by testing the CFORCE 600 EPS TOURING 2021 during a day of a little more than 200km of riding. Here are my impressions on this vehicle.


First of all, the CFORCE 600 is my favorite design in the whole CFMOTO ATV lineup, both with its aggressive front look and its full-width LED bar at the back.

I like this vehicle especially since its redesign last year; a big change that does not go unnoticed. The design of the CFORCE is done by the KISKA team, thanks to CFMOTO’s partnership with KTM that started in 2011.  I think our test vehicle, as well as all the latest CFMOTO models, are bolder than ever and have their own identity: it feels good. The tested CFORCE is very nice in blue with its decals. The general exterior finish of the vehicle is also very good, there are no visible plastic rivets, other manufacturers should take inspiration from it. I like the fact that the luggage racks on the ATV are made of thermoplastic.  The only small drawback is that I would have liked to see no daylight in some places between the plastic parts, but it’s minor. Under the vehicle, I would have like a better protection, the small piece of plastic used to protect the cardan boots and the front brake lines is not made very strong. No protection at the rear.

Price and standard items

The test CFORCE 600 EPS TOURING is priced at $10,499. It’s a touring vehicle mostly intended for trail riding. It’s less expensive than its competitors, but the prices are much closer to its competitors than before. On the other hand, CFMOTO offers an impressive array of standard items that most other manufacturers only offer as options. First of all, rims, LED lights, power steering, hand guards, winch, front bumper, a nice complete digital display. I can’t pass up the USB and 12V outlets, nor the plug to connect the trailer lights. There is also a way to lock the engagement lever with the key, it makes the vehicle harder to steal. It also has mirrors, a horn and turn signals, which sadly reminds me of our restrictive laws in Quebec regarding ATVs on public roads. All in all, I wish CFMOTO would have equipped the quads with standard heated grips for our cold Quebec weather, not just in winter.

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Engine and handling

The engine is a 580cc single cylinder of about 40HP. This engine is about average in terms of performance compared to other manufacturers, but performs as well as larger displacement engines, even if this quad is heavy with its 915lbs. I found the acceleration to be a bit lacking in low-end torque, perhaps due to the clutch adjustment. Once the vehicle gets going, the excellent CVT from our Quebec company CVTech-IBC delivers power to the wheels extremely well and the vehicle accelerates well. In terms of driving, the power steering does the job but I don’t really like its calibration, I find it too sensitive. It’s at higher speeds that I would like the power steering to be firmer. Also, I always seem to feel a little looseness in the steering wheel from left to right while driving, which is a bit annoying and it’s not only related to the vibration of the tires. On the other hand, the original tires could also be better. It is sometimes difficult to engage the gears with the transmission lever, which is quite capricious and sometimes misplaced, meaning that you can hear a squeaking sound because the transmission is badly engaged, or having difficulty moving the arm especially on a slope. The brakes are very powerful, I would even say that the foot brake on this specific model is one of the best I have ever tried. I must note that this vehicle is still very noisy for its displacement, no matter the engine speed.

As far as comfort is concerned, the driving position is good, the driver’s seat is comfortable and the footboards are quite large. The cockpit is intuitive and all the controls are well placed.

I must admit that the driving position will not please everyone, depending on your size. Unfortunately, I could not do the test drive as a passenger, but the passenger seat seems to be much better made than on the previous generation of the CFORCE. I found that the 4 wheel independent suspension did a good job and the default shock settings were fine, i.e. not too hard and not too soft. I did not have to adjust the spring which has five positions.  As a trail-oriented vehicle, I really liked the way it handled because it was comfortable on the trails. This ATV is also good for work. The 4X4 mode and locked differential do the job, but it’s the 1000lbs load capacity that is a bit below its competitors and for which you will have to make a compromise, same thing for the travel.

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The rear trunk is not very large, but the vehicle also has a nice little trunk in the front which is great and the trunk openings are sealed. The test vehicle had a trunk and a front window, both of which fit nicely and can be removed easily. One last thing I should mention is that I found the gas consumption to be quite high for this type of engine size. I don’t know if it’s because the vehicle was in its break-in period, but I was surprised to see that it consumed almost as much, if not the same amount as my personal 1000cc ATV.

A significant improvement

When CFMOTO entered Canada several years ago, I heard some bad stories about the brand, not to mention some very negative ones. In fact, many people still criticize the brand without having tried its quads. Today, I believe that the brand offers serious vehicles. If we compare its beginnings to today, the evolution has been done at a great speed and it has made a giant step forward. The quality of its products has greatly improved and the company has also allied itself with excellent partners. With a full one-year warranty and five-year powertrain warranty, attractive pricing and all the standard options, there’s no doubt why we’re seeing more and more CFMOTO’s on our roads. The CFORCE 600 EPS TOURING is no exception, and is a good choice to consider when buying a two-passenger ATV. Thanks to CFMOTO and infoquad.com for this test.

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