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Interview With Patrice Rivest of Segway Powersports Canada

Patrice Rivest Segway Powersports Canada

Recently, we learned about several changes within Segway Powersports Canada. Among these, the appointment of Magellan C. S. as the new official distributor. Additionally, we were informed of the appointment of Mr. Patrice Rivest as President and General Manager.

It is clear that this new president already has a long list of accomplishments in the field of motorized vehicles. His face is likely not unfamiliar to you. He faces several challenges to elevate the Segway brand to a higher level. Rest assured, he will not hesitate to roll up his sleeves to steer the ship successfully.

As you know, the world of recreational vehicles fascinates us greatly at InfoQuad. We are vigilant about all changes and are eager to share them with our readers. Therefore, we met with Mr. Rivest to learn about his game plan regarding his new assignments.

The Interview

IQ— We have learned of your recent appointment as President and General Manager of Segway Powersports Canada. However, it is not a surprise in itself, as you are a well-known figure in the motorized recreational vehicle industry. What drives your passion for this field of activity?

PR— “My passion for motorized recreational vehicles dates back to my childhood. I have always been fascinated by the freedom and adventure these machines offer. This passion has motivated me to fully engage in this field, and I am delighted to now be able to bring my expertise to Segway Powersports Canada.”

Patrice rivest segway powersports canada

IQ— You are one of the youngest business leaders in powersports in Canada. That is certainly flattering. Are you proud of this accomplishment?

PR— “Indeed, being one of the youngest business leaders in the powersports sector in Canada is an honour of which I am proud. It reflects not only my determination and commitment, but also the confidence that the company places in my ability to lead and innovate.

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IQ— Obviously, when we say “Segway,” we think of “technology and extraordinary design.” We previously knew the brand for its gyroscopic vehicles. However, it is much more than that, and its scope of activity is very extensive. It is a globally recognized company. Are you not intimidated by the challenges that lie ahead?

PR— “Segway is an iconic brand synonymous with cutting-edge technology and design. Although the challenges ahead are significant, I see them as opportunities to innovate and propel the company to new heights. I am confident in our ability to meet these challenges and maintain the excellence of the brand.

IQ— Segway Powersports Canada is taking a new direction for 2024. Let’s be honest, despite promising beginnings in 2021, the company experienced a setback. Is it important for you to draw a line with the past to relaunch everything on a solid foundation?

PR— “It is essential to acknowledge the challenges of the past in order to move forward towards the future. We have learned from our previous experiences and are determined to implement strong strategies to relaunch Segway Powersports Canada on solid ground. This includes a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

IQ— Let’s now get to the heart of the matter. What are the short-term goals you want to tackle for Segway Powersports Canada?

PR— “In the short term, our main goal is to strengthen the presence of Segway Powersports Canada in the market by consolidating our partnerships with dealers, expanding our product range, and intensifying our marketing efforts to increase brand awareness.

IQ—… and your long-term goals?

PR— “In the long term, we aim to become an undisputed leader in the field of motorized recreational vehicles by offering a diverse range of innovative and environmentally friendly products. We also aspire to establish high standards in sustainability and corporate social responsibility.”

IQ— It’s no secret that economic factors are not favourable at the moment, how will you face this challenge?

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PR— “The current economic challenges are undeniable. But we are determined to overcome them by adopting a strategic and agile approach. This involves careful resource management, process optimization, and quick adaptation to market changes.

IQ— What would you say to a recreational vehicle enthusiast who is undecided about purchasing a Segway vehicle?

PR— “To an undecided recreational vehicle enthusiast, I would say that Segway offers much more than just a means of transportation. Our products combine cutting-edge technology, superior performance, and innovative design to provide a unique and unparalleled driving experience. Furthermore, our commitment to quality and customer service ensures complete satisfaction.

IQ— We hear a lot about vehicle electrification. At the same time, Segway promises us hybrid vehicles. When will we be able to see them in dealerships?

PR— “Vehicle electrification is at the core of our strategy at Segway Powersports Canada, and we are excited about the future of hybrid vehicles. We are actively working on the development of these technologies and we plan to showcase them in dealerships as soon as possible, ensuring they meet the highest standards of performance and durability.

In conclusion, at the end of this interview, we are firmly convinced that Mr. Rivest is the right man for distributing Segway vehicles in Canada. His confidence, availability, and accessibility make him a leader who will be not only a preferred executive but also an ambassador for this manufacturer.

The InfoQuad team wishes Mr. Rivest the best of luck in his new assignments!

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