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Final review: 2022 Segway Fugleman UT10X

Segway Fugleman UT10X 2022

A utility that raises the bar!

When the InfoQuad team took possession of the Segway Fugleman UT10X, in close collaboration with the dealer Eskape and Segway Powersports Canada, they had no idea of the high level of satisfaction they would receive. To be honest, we were prepared to concede a certain level of latitude and largesse to this new off-road vehicle manufacturer. However, we quickly realized that they didn’t need any of that generosity from us, as they already offer a level of sophistication that is second to none.

When I mention Segway, you will instinctively be tempted to mention their personal two-wheeled “transporter” vehicles. This is only natural, as this gyropod has made this brand known all over the world. The word Segway is not a common noun, but it is a homophone of the English word “segue”, which means that it is pronounced exactly the same, but not spelled the same way. “Segue” is both a common noun and a verb, meaning a “smooth, gradual sequence”. We understand the reference to the gyropod device, which is intended to allow its owner to ride without noise (it is electric) and without being bothered by any obstacles.


Our Test Vehicle

We had the opportunity to test the 2022 Segway Fugleman UT10X over several months. This long period was enough to clearly elaborate a fair and complete review. However, from the beginning, we wanted to test it in environments where it would be comfortable. You are clearly aware that it will not shine on a race track and that is certainly not its vocation. The Segway Villain will rather take care of this aspect with its sporty attributes.

Segway Fugleman UT10X Motorization

The vehicle is equipped with a 4-stroke, 1000 cm3, twin-cylinder engine that delivers an impressive 105 HP. It is amazing and strikingly powerful. You only have to look at the specification sheets of its competitors to quickly realize that it surpasses them. In the terrain, it sometimes requires us to use the gas pedal with restraint, because it has so much heart.

Its whirring sound, as soon as we press on the gas pedal, is very revealing of its capabilities and it gives us a smile of assured satisfaction. It has simply raised the bar for the competition in the utility category.

Whether it was on the flat or on a hill, we didn’t feel that this engine had any moments of fatigue or weakness. Its high torque allows for acceleration that required us to hold on to the steering wheel to absorb the power.

Segway claims its engine is unique and that you can’t find it on any other model of SXS on the market. The best part of the motor is that it can perform at its best, even in low and high temperatures. Also, higher altitude environments will not create barriers in front of the powerful Fugleman UT10X.

Thus, we expect this engine to give us a full adrenaline rush by providing us with a thrill when we face difficult terrain. The acceleration will be smooth to get over low-speed obstacles while it will be lively to get through the opposition in more hostile environments.

Another great feature of this side-by-side is the ability to choose between two driving modes. The two modes are Eco and Sport. Therefore, depending on the type of soil and your driving preferences, you can select the one that is suitable.

Use on the Farm

We used the Fugleman on the farm to haul hay daily to feed the horses. This regular back and forth went smoothly and our horses got used to its presence which rhymed with the customary feeding. On several occasions, we had to transport all the essential and necessary equipment for the usual work on a farm.

His 770 lb (350 kg) dump bed gave us plenty of room for all the work we needed. We moved our firewood and were amazed at how easily this bucket could handle so many logs in one trip.

Its 1543 lb (700 kg) towing capacity was put to the test more than once and I must confess, we were not gentle with the throttle at every opportunity. It did allow us to move our trailer with loads of rocks that sometimes felt like the limit.

Intuitive features for hunting and fishing

Why not use and enhance our fishing and hunting adventures with the Fugleman UT10X. These days, manufacturers are embracing new technologies and Segway is no exception. With the innovative Segway Powersports app, we can now track our previous points via GPS. This way, I was able to find the spots where my catches were most successful during my days of relaxing with my rod in hand.

We were able to lock in some coordinates when we came across nice spots to make sure we could return. In addition, this feature will allow you to track your past hunting locations, favorite hideouts, and connect with other hunters or hunting clubs using community features. Safety warnings, anti-theft, spill warnings and service reminders are just a few of the features of this application. Long live technology!

Segway Fugleman UT10X 2022


What about the interior of the Segway Fugleman UT10X 2022?

The three-seat cabin is surprisingly spacious, with enough head and leg room for all passengers. If you find yourself cramped in this cabin, you are simply a giant, believe me! The space is so open, especially in the roll cage, that we wondered if a few inches less would have been nice.

To put it in context, we have an enclosed trailer with a 79-inch opening. However, the Fugleman has a height of over 81 inches. We had to sit an adult of sufficient weight in the rear bed to collapse the suspension to extract this utility from our trailer. Take note when faced with the same situation.

The driver’s seat is fully adjustable and the steering wheel also tilts to accommodate both tall and short drivers. Everything is easily accessible and Segway is even equipped with a multitude of switches that can be used as needed to add accessories.

As far as in-cabin storage goes, the dashboard glove box is by far the largest compartment, with enough room to store a multitude of tools and your lunch. Plus, the middle seat folds down to form an additional compartment.

The bench seat is in two sections and allows for removal and quick access to the battery. This free space under the seat could have been better organized, however. When using a utility vehicle, we want to have a large compartment to store our tools and Segway would have benefited from this free space.

Segway Fugleman UT10X 2022

However, the plastic doors seem a bit flimsy and, for anyone discovering the machine, it can be difficult to locate the handles. These are actually positioned inside the door, so we have to put an arm inside to get access. This exercise complicates a bit the access, especially when our arms are full, and it’s a pity.

Segway Fugleman UT10X 2022 recreational side is not to be neglected

Earlier, I praised its engine. Its 105 HP engine gives us everything we need for trail rides with our loved ones. As a comparison, many “Sport” quads are less powerful than our test vehicle.

The only point we need to pay attention to is its relatively high center of gravity. A dose of restraint is recommended to avoid a possible rollover if the throttle is pushed too hard in a sharp curve.

Whether you’re enjoying the great outdoors or planning a picnic, the Fugleman makes getting from point A to point B a breeze.

However, nothing is perfect…

If I may be permitted some slight points of improvement, I could mention the annoying bell when reversing. Even though it announces that we are about to perform this maneuver, I would like to have the option of removing it.

Secondly, the storage space under the dashboard should have an elastic net to hold the items we try to store there. Even a pair of gloves quickly ends up on the floor when I tried to store them in this area. This could be very convenient if it had been better planned.

In conclusion, we can’t really ask for more from this manufacturer. Segway has released a side-by-side that already raises the level of sophistication in this category to a new degree. Next up, and it’s no secret to anyone, will be the introduction of a hybrid version. Rest assured that we will be the first to give you our first impressions as soon as they arrive in Canada.

Segway Fugleman UT10X 2022

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