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KYMCO UXV 700I: A Canadian Exclusive for InfoQuad!

We often receive test vehicle proposals, as you’ve seen in many of our articles. What’s less common is being offered an exclusive sneak peek for Canada. Naturally, we jumped at this opportunity and privilege. Who among you wouldn’t have done the same?

KYMCO’s Position in the Market

It’s important to note that KYMCO has established itself as a major partner for several leading manufacturers, even building complete models for some. They’ve carved out a place with their own range by offering high-quality vehicles at competitive prices, often significantly lower than the competition.

Our Test Model: The KYMCO UXV 700I Side-by-Side

The utility autoquad we got our hands on will only be available at dealerships from 2024. So why talk about it in the media months in advance? The answer is straightforward. It was sent to Canada to be tested and put to the test in our North American context.

Will it pass the test in its current form, or will it need some modifications for our market? Is the KYMCO UXV 700I designed to handle challenging terrain and bring a whole new level of fun to our weekends?

You’ll find out in the following lines.

It’s Engine

KYMCO equips the UXV 700I with its largest available off-road engine. This liquid-cooled 695 cc, 4-stroke engine is fuel-injected and generates a very respectable 45 horsepower. That’s more than enough power to conquer any trail obstacle or tow a heavy load.

Paired with the engine is a CVT transmission that includes High, Low, Neutral, and Reverse. Shifting gears is smooth, and the CVT’s responsiveness is excellent. KYMCO has extensive experience with CVT transmissions, and it shows.

Switching Between 2X4 and 4X4 on the Fly

When 4-wheel drive is needed, a knob on the dashboard allows the front wheels to engage traction. When faced with a substantial obstacle, selecting a front differential lock gets you out of trouble instantly.

It’s Primary Purpose

Let’s not bury our heads in the sand; this vehicle is primarily designed for utility. Its overall design and raised driving position provide the advantages of easy on-and-off access. On this front, these attributes are undeniable and indisputable.

There are few ways to test a utility side-by-side other than putting it in a usage context. That’s why we decided to put it to the test at an equestrian center. It challenges included transporting hay, routine equipment, and firewood.

Truth be told, it performed quite well in this context where a reliable and robust vehicle makes all the difference.

Its Rear Bed Needs Logical Improvements!

My first observation when I looked at the rear bed was, “What were they thinking?” This exclamation is directly related to the fact that its walls are made of sheet metal.

At the slightest impact from a rock or log, this sheet metal will dent immediately, and its finish will be altered in no time. I strongly suggest the designers consider installing a rigid plastic bed for greater durability and better impact absorption.

Comparing Cargo Capacities

Furthermore, while we’re on the subject of recommendations, I would greatly prefer a modification to the rear tailgate, similar to our pickup trucks. Specifically, a central handle instead of the two latches on each side.


The rear bed’s capacity is also quite limited on this model, less than half that of a POLARIS RANGER, for example. This is a point to consider in its current configuration if you intend to carry heavy loads.

Impressive Traction

Our test model features 14-inch aluminum wheels fitted with 26-inch Kenda tires at the front and rear.

We had some fun crossing a muddy pit with these tires, and their traction is almost flawless. Except for our photographer, who didn’t come back unscathed from our little adventure.

It Can Tow… But Less Than the Competition

Since the UXV 700I is a work vehicle, KYMCO has equipped it with a 2-inch rear receiver hitch. Its towing capacity is rated at 1200 lb (544 kg). For comparison, competing manufacturers, with few exceptions, offer a towing capacity of 1500 lb (680 kg).

Surprisingly, Ample Storage Space

When we lift the hood, we discover a huge storage space. This can easily accommodate a variety of tools. I appreciate that the vehicle’s designers have tried to make the most of all available spaces.


What’s more, the KYMCO UXV 700I benefits from a space under the seat. This can accommodate a number of tools and accessories for everyday use.

Unexpected Comfort for This Type of Vehicle!

Its seats offer comfort and support that I would describe as above average for this vehicle category. The two-seater arrangement is nicely designed. The high-back bucket seats are more than comfortable and better than what you’d expect in this price range.

As a result, getting from point A to point B is effortless and comfortable. Farm work, whether it’s for daily repairs or simply transporting hay, is a breeze and even quite enjoyable with this vehicle.

Suspension and Other Uses

The KYMCO UXV 700I is equipped with independent front and rear suspension, along with double A-arms and adjustable oil-filled shocks with coil springs. Suspension travel at each wheel is listed at 7.5 inches.

However, nothing is stopping you from using it for recreational purposes, but it won’t shine in that role. It’s essential to be aware that it can’t compete with sporty side-by-sides on all fronts. Nevertheless, when you’re aware of its limits, you can enjoy what it has to offer without constraints.


In fact, the UXV 700I accelerates quickly when you step on the gas, much more vigorously than many other vehicles in its class. It was sometimes possible to oversteer, and the rear would start to drift slightly. However, I had to handle it with caution and be ready to react in a split second.

Maneuverability and Stability

The KYMCO UXV 700I turns easily and precisely, which is reassuring on winding trails lined with trees or uneven terrain. It’s also very stable and predictable.

We pushed it through some tight corners and then tackled steep and inclined trail sections. We truly put the 700 to the test, and it never felt unsettled. Under normal driving conditions, it provides a relaxed and stable feeling.


Adjustable Suspension: A Surprising Advantage of the UXV 700I

The overall ride quality is quite good for a small machine like this one. To gain a marketing edge, KYMCO has installed fully adjustable shocks, and by “fully adjustable,” we mean preload, compression, and rebound.

This is something we usually only see on recreational side-by-side and not all of them.

Safety Comes First!

To ensure that you’re wearing your seatbelt, the vehicle won’t go faster than 15 km/h until you’ve buckled up. KYMCO equipped our test model with half doors. I love them! They provide an added sense of security without being cumbersome. Their heights are perfect and don’t impede our movements.

The KYMCO UXV 700I has a ground clearance of 12.2 inches and its body offers much better splash protection than many other sports side-by-sides.

A Positive Verdict: The Advantages of the KYMCO UXV 700I

In conclusion, we can only be positive about this well-crafted machine. It may have a few flaws, but the KYMCO UXV 700I has a lot to offer. It’s designed for those who need an autoquad for light work and doesn’t require extensive cargo or towing capacity.

As a utility vehicle, it will provide excellent value for money next year, believe me!

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