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Review of the Recreational Model Outlander 700 XT 2023: Comparison with the Pro XU HD5

Recently, for the end of the summer season and for the fall, I had the chance to test-drive the Outlander 700 XT 2023. Having covered over 500 km, here are my impressions.

First, I’d like to take a moment to mention that I was able to test-drive the Outlander PRO XU HD5 earlier this season. You can read the article here.

This article will focus on my impressions. It should be seen as a complement to my first article, which contains a significant amount of technical information.

Summary Of My Essay.

The performance of the Outlander 700 XT is astonishing. Given that it’s a 650-cc engine, getting 50 hp out of a single-cylinder engine of this size is impressive. It’s important to note that this power is generally found on larger displacement engines, such as the 750 cc.

The CVT transmission does an excellent job of delivering this power, undoubtedly one of the best in the industry. The power is simply there, but the weight is relatively high compared to its competitors. For example, the Outlander 700 XT weighs 858 lbs versus a Yamaha Grizzly 700 weighing 754 lbs.

In the end, it doesn’t show on performance at all. The Outlander seems to deliver that power better. In fact, I suspect it’s also a little faster than its Yamaha counterpart.

Which To Choose: The 500 Or The 700?

Earlier this year, I was pleasantly surprised by the performance of the Pro XU HD5 (500) model. In fact, I didn’t have any great expectations at the outset, but I was genuinely impressed.

With its 41 hp, this model is positioned as one of the most powerful entry-level ATVs. I believe this strategy gives it a clear advantage over other manufacturers. It is, of course, less powerful than its sister model.

The Trakto: A Highly Versatile All-Terrain Vehicle

Unless you’re considering an ATV with a displacement of 750 cc or more, I’m sure the 500 or HD5 will do the job just fine.

In short, if performance isn’t a major criterion for you, you won’t be disappointed by the Outlander 500 or HD5. What’s more, it will save you money on accessories.

Off-Road Behavior.

The handling of these new Outlander models is quite exceptional. It’s a marked improvement on the track, especially compared with the previous models.

Wheelbase and wheel travel, front and rear, play an essential role in this aspect. Suspension and shock absorbers also contribute. One of Can-Am’s great successes is the rigidity of this chassis compared to the G2. There’s less vibration, and the chassis bends less. As you can see from the photos, the wheelbase is slightly longer than in the G2 version. What’s more, the front end appears higher than on the G2.

Predictable And More Stable 

Absorption of bumps by the suspension and shock absorbers provides excellent comfort and reduces driver fatigue.

Compared to the PRO model I tested earlier this summer; I don’t perceive a marked difference in behavior between the two models.

It’s essential to understand that, since it’s the same chassis and engine, weight doesn’t make that big a difference. As for its excellent off-road performance, I think Can-Am is ahead of the competition.

Tire Behavior.

In the past, I’ve often criticized tires from unknown brands on the market. I’ve always tended to equip my mountain bikes with excellent tires and pay extra.

Here, I have to admit that the radial-type XPS tires (Trail King or Trail Force) fitted to our two models do the job. They also showed good durability on the rocky terrain of the Lower St. Lawrence.

For over 1,500km of summer driving, these tires proved their worth. They contribute to a smooth ride, especially the Trail Force on the test model. It remains to be seen how durable these tires will be over the long term.

The Trakto: A Highly Versatile All-Terrain Vehicle

A Wide Range Of Accessories.

The accessories supplied with the quad I tested are of excellent quality. They’re easy to install and handle.  As far as the windshield is concerned, I like the fact that the glass doesn’t move with the handlebars, which is well thought out.

I particularly appreciated the integrated console, offering 4 liters of space. As for the trunk, it attaches and detaches quickly and easily. The attachments and trunks are sturdy, making them very easy to use. Handguards do the job.

One thing’s for sure: there’s no shortage of accessories. There’s something for everyone! The range of accessories available for these new models is truly impressive and almost infinite. It’s worth noting that there are now some particularly interesting accessory groups.


When it came to towing, I was finally able to haul my trailer. I hooked up my 5′ × 10′ trailer with all my hunting gear, which included;

  • 3 × 25-liter cans of gasoline
  • Propane and;
  • Several other heavyweight items.

I have to admit that I put a lot of weight on purpose. As you can see from the photo, the rear of the ATV is crushed and the front is raised.

Basically, if I were considering buying an Outlander 700 XT for professional use, I’d opt for heavy-duty springs. Otherwise, I’d steer you straight to the Pro Hunting Edition model.

All the same, I’m amply surprised at how easy it is to tow this load, even though this model has no “work” mode available.

An Engine With Lots of Torque 

The “Low” clutch mode is better calibrated than before for towing.

I also noticed that you can push the ATV a little faster in “Low” mode. And you can do so without the whole machine seeming to want to leave the frame. This can make a big difference when you need to gain momentum with a good load to climb a steep hill.

Other Comments.

The ITC throttle behavior is surprisingly better on the 700 model than on the Pro HD5 model, which I found too sensitive. In this sense, it’s my favorite calibration.

The Trakto: A Highly Versatile All-Terrain Vehicle

The throttle provides a behavior similar to older models with cable throttles, and that’s a good thing. It’s probably the best electronic calibration I’ve tried so far with Can-Am models.

The Return of the Mechanical Key? 

I have to say that I find the return to a mechanical key on the Outlander 700 XT a little odd, compared with the D.E.S.S key which works so well. The disappearance of the work and sport modes is also surprising. I also wonder why this model is equipped with a winch, while the Outlander Pro XU HD5 is not.

Finally, I like the quality of the accessories, although I think the price is sometimes a bit high for certain items.

Can-Am Strategy

I wonder how well having such a wide range of utility and recreational vehicles will work for Can-Am. In my opinion, they’ve added far too many models and options, and it’s hard to find your way around. Not to mention the complexity of assembling the models, I’d have preferred a single range for simplicity.

Even after testing these two ATVs, I’m having trouble making an informed choice. I suspect that people unfamiliar with ATVs will find it hard to make a choice, especially if it’s their first purchase.

If I had to choose, I have a slight preference for the Outlander Pro XU HD5, because it stands out. However, the Outlander 700 XT is also an excellent choice.


In conclusion, Can-Am is coming on strong with a new range of well-designed ATVs at very competitive prices.

If I had to choose an ATV primarily based on its overall trail performance, this new range would certainly be my first choice. What’s missing now is for Can-Am to demonstrate its long-term reliability.

All in all, I’m really thrilled, and I very much hope that Can-Am will use this chassis for the 1000 cc very shortly.

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