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Segway 2022 ATV – Snarler family

It’s not every year that a new manufacturer enters the world of ATVs. That’s what happened in 2021 with the arrival of Segway Powersports in the market. Last year, the manufacturer introduced a line of three ATV models. Dubbed the “Snarler,” this brand new family of quad boasts great design, build quality and standard features. Powered by a 570cc, 44hp engine, the Snarler compares very well to the 600cc models offered by the competition. Of course, the 2022 Segway ATVs are back this year.

Snarler AT6S E

The base model of the Snarler (AT6S E) surprises with its maneuverability, agility and versatility. It is suitable for both field work and trail riding. The two-seater version (AT6L X) offers good comfort to the driver and his passenger.

It is interesting to note that all Snarlers are equipped with Segway shocks. Apart from the basic model, there are gas shocks with adjustable compression and rebound.

Snarler AT6S X

In addition, the Segway models can be linked to the Segway application that can be installed on a smart phone. Not only can you know the status of your Snarler, but you can also find out where it is located and update the programming of your machine. No need to go to the dealer anymore! Finally, safety options allow you to adjust the maximum speed of the quad, determine a territory where it is allowed to ride and even call the emergency services in case of an accident.

Finally, in 2022, the manufacturer will begin delivering hybrid models whose performance will be equivalent or superior to a vehicle with more than 100 hp. This will mean that Segway will be able to offer a Snarler model for all types of ATV riders.

Snarler AT6L X



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