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Segway Novelties for 2024: A Model-Year Embracing Greater Diversity!

nouveautés segway 2024

A few hours ago, Segway Powersports distributors from all over the world gathered for the presentation of the 2024 novelties. Although the recreational vehicle division of this manufacturer is still in its early years, we see a clear commitment to disrupt the market.

segway 2024

A Small Confession

I must admit that I recently made a recommendation to a senior Segway executive. My opinion was based on the lack of diversity to appeal to enthusiasts. I continue to believe that manufacturers must offer variety to conquer riders and convince them to embrace their brands. That said, I have to eat my words upon seeing the work done at Segway to offer more diverse vehicle ranges. It seems that this is far from over and that several other surprises will be revealed to us in the coming months.

New 2024 Snarler AT10

Soon, a new heavyweight will arrive at dealerships to fill a missing link. The term “heavyweight” rather refers to its engine, which should blow more than one away.

segway 2024

96 Horsepower!

When launching a 1000 cc quad, why not boast by presenting one that offers the most HP? The new Segway Snarler AT10 will be equipped with a 999 cc twin-cylinder engine with 96 horsepower. For comparison, the 1000R engine of the Can-Am Outlander offers 91 horsepower, while the Polaris Scrambler 1000 S develops 89 horsepower.

segway 2024

This new Segway Snarler AT10 will have a top speed of 125 km/h. Additionally, it will go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 8.9 seconds. This quad can tackle hills with a maximum inclination of 38 degrees. Therefore, given these impressive figures, I am very eager to be at the helm of this new Segway Snarler AT10 2024. I am sure you are too!

Low Thermal Impact

We are assured that the designers have addressed a common issue with quads: heat dissipation. This new engine should offer excellent thermal dissipation to provide great comfort for riders. Long-distance riding enthusiasts will be delighted.

30- Inch Tires

It is very unconventional to see a trail quad equipped with 30-inch tires as standard. Well, that’s the type of oversized tire that will equip the new Segway Snarler AT10 with the W (Wide/Premium) designation. This combination will allow easy obstacle clearance with its ground clearance of 317 mm. Note that the base version comes with 27-inch tires mounted on 14-inch rims.

segway 2024

Other Features

The Snarler AT10 offers a loading capacity of 100 kg (220 lb) on its racks. Regarding its towing capacity, this quad can pull a load of up to 700 kg (1,543 lb). This two-seater quad is equipped with a 4,500 lb front winch and hand guards. The front and rear suspensions are provided by A-arm type arms. The front travel is 185 mm, and 210 mm at the rear. We are very eager to test the performance of this quad in rigorous trials.

A “Mud” Edition

Customized for muddy terrains, a “Mud” edition will offer the best performance even in extreme conditions. Segway pushes the limits with this version designed to traverse areas unwelcoming to conventional quads. This edition is equipped with “beadlock” wheels mounted on aggressive tires. The radiator has been installed high for better cooling. Raised air intakes have also been designed for the engine and CVT transmission. To top it all off, a huge contrasting red bumper acts as a protector against any obstacles that this devastating quad may encounter.

segway 2024

2024 Segway Fugleman UT6

The Segway manufacturer offers us its utility version with the Fugleman. Initially presented with a UT10 version with a three-seat bench and a 1000 cc engine developing 105 horsepower, last year we saw the arrival of the six-seater Crew version. This year marks a new chapter with the introduction of the Segway Fugleman UT6.

segway fugelman ut6 2024

The Engine

This more economical and affordable version still benefits from a 570 cc single-cylinder engine. It develops 44 horsepower coupled with a CVT transmission.


The Segway Fugleman UT6 comes with a state-of-the-art heating system for increased comfort during winter getaways. This equipment is starting to become the norm in the industry, and enthusiasts certainly won’t complain.

Standard Power Steering

What is surprising but necessary at the same time, power steering is offered as standard. This assistance will be greatly appreciated during low-speed maneuvers.

Impressive Capacity

The new Segway Fugleman UT6 offers a towing capacity of 700 kg (1,543 lb). The loading capacity of its rear bed is 454 kg (1,000 lb).

segway 2024

Standard (S) and Premium (P) Versions

The Standard version of the Segway Fugleman UT6 has 27-inch tires mounted on 14-inch rims. On the other hand, the Premium version will be delivered with 30-inch tires offering greater ground clearance (350 mm). The Premium version is available with contrasting doors compared to the netting of the Standard version.

segway 2024


In summary, Segway Powersports is increasingly positioning itself as an alternative to other well-known manufacturers. The diversity it now offers suits a broader spectrum of enthusiasts. On this aspect, we certainly won’t complain.

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