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First Glance at the Segway Super Villain SX20T

Segway super villain sx20t

At InfoQuad, we’re eager for all the latest developments in the world of motorized recreational vehicles. Recently, we received a call inviting us to get our hands, exclusively for the French-Canadian market, on the prototypes of Segway’s Super Villain SX20T gasoline and hybrid models. You’ll agree, there was no question of us missing this opportunity, right? It was a privilege granted to us, and we didn’t want to let this meeting slip by.

You’re certainly familiar with the manufacturer Segway. Previously known for its self-balancing vehicles that facilitate movement, it’s a leader in innovation and development. So, it’s no surprise that it created a stir by entering the ever-evolving market of ATVs and UTVs a few years ago.

Segway’s Super Villain SX20T Still in Prototype Stage

Segway already offers vehicles we are familiar with under the names Snarler, Fugleman, and Villain. Nevertheless, we’ve been hearing whispers for some time now about the imminent arrival of a hybrid powertrain.

So, it was with a certain excitement that we made our way to Segway Powersports Canada’s facilities to be the first Canadian print media to get our hands on the prototypes of the Super Villain SX20T. These two gasoline and hybrid models (gasoline/electricity) are currently touring the world and have made a stop here for a limited time.

We would like to clarify that these vehicles are still in the testing stage and are not in production. Furthermore, as a precaution, no date has been set for their availability to the general public, but it shouldn’t be long.

Segway super villain sx20t

Solid as a rock!

Our first observation was the robustness of these vehicles. The tubing used for the chassis is far beyond what we’re accustomed to seeing on conventional side-by-side vehicles. Segway has gone all out to design vehicles that will withstand intense abuse from their users. It’s massive, and the structure of these vehicles instills confidence in us from the very first glance.

© Segway Powersports.

It’s worth noting that both versions of the Super Villain SX20T have the same specifications, except for the slightly differing powertrains.

An Astounding Powertrain!

Just when we thought Can-Am, with its Maverick R, and Polaris, with its Pro R, were going to be the only contenders in the horsepower race, Segway comes along to shake things up. This manufacturer joins the fray, and it’s certainly going to cause a stir. And we’re not going to complain about it. The new Super Villain SX20T, in turn, comes equipped with a four-cylinder, two-litre (2000 cc) engine. This engine delivers an impressive 235 horsepower, more than double that of the Villain SX10.

At the heart of the Super Villain is the turbocharged 2.0 L parallel twin (V-Twin) engine. As mentioned earlier, this engine alone produces 235 horsepower and 288 pound-feet of torque. According to the manufacturer, it reaches 100 km/h in just five seconds.

The Hybrid Version

The 330 horsepower of the hybrid version make the Segway Super Villain SX20T a true rocket in the hypersport side-by-side category!

Segway probably felt that this power wasn’t enough. Thus, they created a supercharged version of their Super Villain SX20T. They added a hybrid system with a 7.9 kWh battery and a 94-horsepower motor. The standard 110 V outlet allows for a full recharge in three hours.

© Segway Powersports.

Since it’s a hybrid, the Super Villain isn’t meant to operate solely on battery power for extended periods. This is a good thing because the powerful electric motor would drain the battery in about six and a half minutes. The hybrid capabilities of the Super Villain will mainly come into play at low speeds and during a stop-start scenario—much like a hybrid car—providing additional power to the wheels in conjunction with the 2.0-litre TGDi engine as needed.

The electric motor is attached to the rear differential and sends its power to the rear wheels. When combined with the gasoline engine, the total output is 330 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque. Consequently, this 4-cylinder engine is the world’s first UTV to surpass the 300 hp threshold. Moreover, it reaches 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds. WOW, that’s fast in every sense!

segway super villain sx20t

Different Driving Modes:

We have the option to choose from three driving modes: normal, sport, and climbing. Segway hasn’t yet specified what changes have been made to the engine and transmission. However, each mode alters the background of the fully digital dashboard.

Automatic Sequential DCT Transmission

In our quest to stand out from the competition, why not equip our vehicles with a transmission tailored to seasoned drivers? They will come equipped with a six-speed automatic gearbox mounted on the steering wheel. The gear shift paddles are designed to provide a sporty feel, offering ultimate control and driving pleasure.

The DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) enables smooth gear changes without any power loss. A DCT is a logical choice for the Segway Super Villain SX20T, given its considerable torque.

© Segway Powersports.

Extraordinary Shock Absorbers!

The designers have decided to equip the Super Villains with shock absorbers that will undoubtedly do justice to these vehicles, which demand high quality equipment. The manufacturer K-MAN has been focusing on performance shock absorber technology for over 13 years. Their products range from world-class racing shocks to aftermarket shocks and OEM performance shocks.

The K-MAN 3.0 shocks that outfit the Super Villains are not just impressive, they’re “VERY IMPRESSIVE”! This vehicle offers a wheel travel of 20 inches at the front and 21 inches at the rear. The front suspension is of the “A-arm” type with a stabilizer bar. At the rear, we find a suspension with swing arms, also including a stabilizer bar. Everything is designed to absorb any punishment they might be subjected to. Moreover, we noticed that the ball joints are of the same size as those found on trucks in the market. This goes to show how Segway spared no expense in equipping its vehicles.

There’s also an impressive ground clearance of 14.6 in. The Super Villain SX20T rides on 32 x10-R15 tires mounted on 15-inch aluminum “Beadlock” wheels. It’s immobilized by hydraulic disc brakes on all four wheels. The overall width will be 76 inches, and the curb weight is 3,196 pounds for the hybrid model. Meanwhile, the gasoline-only model weighs 2,755 pounds.

Intelligent Control System

In addition to the digital dial with all the relevant information, the vehicle is equipped with a 10.4-inch touchscreen in the centre of the cabin. The Segway Super Villain SX20T benefits from a comprehensive control centre. The “Smart Commanding” system will greatly enhance the driving experience aboard these vehicles. On this oversized screen, we can monitor vehicle data, navigate effortlessly (GPS), listen to our favourite music, customize EPS settings, and adjust energy recovery intensity (hybrid). All of this, simply at the touch of a fingertip.

© Segway Powersports.

The central dashboard works with the Smart Moving app, allowing us to connect with other drivers and remotely track and lock the Super Villain SX20T. Safety is a priority for Segway, and if the system detects a vehicle overturn, a message will be automatically sent to pre-added contacts. The text message will include GPS data for possible dispatch of a rescue team if needed.

© Segway Powersports.
© Segway Powersports.

It’s worth noting that when the Super Villain is in motion, both the gasoline engine and the braking system charge the battery. Segway claims that this will help the hybrid Super Villain SX20T maintain the best possible energy efficiency. Side-by-side vehicles are not known for being fuel-efficient, which could truly be a game changer.

It’s astounding to see all the technology being applied to vehicles today. We’re witnessing a revolution, and Segway demonstrates a genuine desire to push the boundaries.

A Cockpit Worthy of Racing Vehicles

The cockpit of the brand-new Segway Super Villain SX20 T is one of the coolest on the market! The interior of the Segway Super Villain lives up to what we expect from such a high-end vehicle. When we settle in behind the wheel, we have the conviction of holding an exceptional vehicle in our hands! The seats offer excellent lumbar support and ensure we stay firmly in place, no matter the maneuvers. However, the finish of the seat backs is somewhat questionable in terms of ease of maintenance. It remains to be seen if the production vehicles will have the same component as our prototype vehicles.

Six-point harnesses are certainly a necessity for these powerful vehicles. They provide the necessary support in all conditions. The ergonomics are at their peak, and aboard, we truly feel confident and secure.


In conclusion, the Segway Super Villain SX20T will be an ideal choice for those seeking a combination of power, comfort, connectivity, and style in an off-road vehicle. If you have access to a race track with straight lines followed by a series of jumps, this vehicle will surely be worth considering. In the meantime, we can continue to dream while waiting for them to arrive at Segway dealerships.

For more details about Segway vehicles, we invite you to visit the manufacturer’s website.

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