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Gaspésie Quad Tour 2024 – Day 5

gaspésie quad tour day 5

After a good night’s sleep, we got back on our mounts for the fifth day of our Gaspésie quad tour. Once again, the sun is shining. From the first few kilometres, we noticed that today’s route would be dustier.

Nonetheless, this did not affect the group’s morale at all. Everyone is enjoying this beautiful week of quad riding in this magnificent region. A good portion of our itinerary will allow us to discover the unique landscapes of the northern shore of the Gaspé Peninsula.

We Start This Day Deep in the Forest

Before tackling the steep ascents and descents that awaited us in the afternoon, we plunged into the forest. It was there that we could appreciate the richness and vastness of this region’s territory.

gaspésie quad tour

We can travel for hours without encountering a single paved road. However, the territory is crisscrossed by countless forest paths and trails. Without a GPS, or a good guide, one could easily get lost.

gaspésie quad tour

Lunch at the Restaurant

So far, we have mainly had lunch in the forest. So, a hot meal will be a nice change from sandwiches or subs. We took our lunch break at Restaurant La Marée Haute.

If you are in the area, plan to stop there for a meal. You will not be disappointed.

An Iconic Afternoon of Our Gaspésie Quad Tour

Our afternoon route included many steep ascents and descents, characteristic of the Mont-Louis and Mont Saint-Pierre regions. At times, we travelled along the mountainside, making the experience even more spectacular.

We naturally made a few stops to enjoy the unique landscape of this beautiful part of the country. Personally, I find this area as impressive as the view of the famous Rocher Percé. Those who visit Gaspésie by car cannot enjoy the viewpoints available to us from the quad trails. We did not hold back, believe me!

Gaspésie Quad Tour 2024— It Begins June 9th

gaspésie quad tour day 5

We entered the village of Mont Saint-Pierre in the late afternoon. At bedtime, I couldn’t help but reminisce about this beautiful day of our Gaspé Peninsula tour by quad.

See you tomorrow!

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