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The soldier: the Fugleman’s review!

Come on, close your eyes… (but after reading my article, because otherwise it might not be so readable).
Imagine yourself in the fields of Baltimore, Ontario, it’s raining, but a fine, warm rain. The air is humid with the smell of wet grass. The landscape is bucolic and you can hear the goats bleating in the distance, the real countryside.
You are about to get into a beautiful side-by-side and the excitement is at its peak as you are one of the first to try it out here in Canada.
Enjoy the ride on the Segway Powersports Fugleman.

Did you feel what I felt that day? I’m sure you did, now you understand my excitement!
I was thrilled when I arrived in Baltimore, Ontario for the Segway Powersports Canada launch event. We had the chance to test drive several vehicles during this event, including the Fugleman. In fact, I was one of the first to try it in Canada!

It was with the Chicks And Machines and Infoquad.com team that I was able to live the Segway Powersports adventure.

First impressions

I tried the gasoline model, the hybrid models will only be available in 2022. I don’t need to tell you that my little grano side is very eager to try it.
The Fugleman is a utility vehicle, it’s made for work. Despite its work-oriented design, it’s still fun to drive. It is playful and can be driven on more technical trails. It’s an agile and versatile vehicle that can not only handle any task you ask it to but can also take you on a ride in comfort.

The Fugleman is an ideal work companion


The look is out of the ordinary, the vehicle looks rugged and no detail has been spared to make it a vehicle that will turn heads.

The engine

The Fugleman develops a very pleasant 105 HP. It is a 4 stroke engine of 1000 cc.
This vehicle will make you live intense sensations. The pick-up is good and the acceleration is lively. It will please most users. Moreover, you can choose the sport mode or the eco mode depending on your type of driving or the terrain you encounter.


If you’re looking for a hard-working vehicle, with the Fugleman, you won’t lack for power to do whatever task you have in mind. It can tow up to 2500 lbs and its trunk has a capacity of 2000 lbs. Its winch can pull up to 4500 lbs, so there is almost no limit to the tasks you can accomplish.

I can well imagine this machine in the hands of fishermen or hunters. They will find it very useful in the practice of their passion, even more so with the hybrid version that will be available in 2022.

Maneuverability and agility

Unfortunately, during “media events” we don’t have much time to try the vehicles at their full potential. That said, I was able to admire the work the Fugleman’s suspension and shocks do. I’ve been on some rough trails and the vehicle works very well. It takes bumps smoothly and absorbs knocks well, which makes it a very pleasant vehicle to drive.

That’s of course thanks to its Dual A-ARM suspension front and rear and its 11 inches of suspension travel front and rear. The adjustable shocks also play an important role in the ride comfort.

The Fugleman’s suspension travel is just over 12 inches, which makes it a vehicle that can really get into more uneven areas with ease. A nice quality for a utility-type vehicle.

The Segway Powersports application

Manufacturers are getting us used to new technologies. With the Segway Powersports application, included on all their vehicles, you can track your previous GPS points and lock in the GPS coordinates of the most beautiful spots you’ve discovered while driving the Fugleman. You can know in real time all the data of your vehicle. You can also, thanks to the application, have all your service reminders, safety warnings, assistance, anti-theft, collision and rollover warnings, unusual movement warnings and much more!

For more information on the app, I invite you to read the article by my colleague Karla: Communauté Segway

The word of the end

I didn’t have enough time to drive the Fugleman for my liking.

However, I must say that I prefer a side-by-side with full doors rather than nets. This is my small point of improvement, otherwise I must admit that I had a pleasant time behind the wheel.

I hope to have the opportunity to push this all-around soldier further. Yes soldier, that’s what “fugleman” means: the soldier who was at the front of a regiment, and I can tell you that he lives up to his name wonderfully.

The starting price of this vehicle is $17,995CAD.
I would like to thank Segway Powersports Canada for hosting the event. It was a pleasure to meet you and also a pleasure to discover your vehicles.

If you want more information on the range of vehicles from Segway Powersports Canada or if you want to know where to get one, I invite you to visit their website. Thanks also to the team of Chicks And Machines and Infoquad.com for this great day of testing!

Thanks to Caro for accompanying me in this test ride! Two happy girls !


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