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New Sportsman 570 Two-Seaters: Comfort, Robustness, and Versatility!

Gamme Polaris Sportsman 570 2025

Today, Polaris unveils their highly anticipated range of 570 two-seater ATVs. Designed to meet professional and recreational needs, the all-new 2025 Sportsman 570 series includes the Sportsman Touring 570, X2 570, and 6×6 570. These vehicles offer unparalleled levels of comfort,robustness, and versatility in the two-seater ATV category. With their reinforced rigid chassis, improved suspension, and extended maintenance intervals, they enhance the driving experience for their owners, not to mention their redesigned aesthetics.

We are delighted to finally present the new generation of two-seater Sportsman ATVs, taking into account the feedback and suggestions of our customers. These vehicles include a multitude of enhancements and innovations aimed at improving the experience of owning a Sportsman 570,” said Chris Judson, Vice President and General Manager of Polaris Off Road Utility. “The Sportsman range is already one of the most popular in the industry. The Sportsman 570 two-seater series enhances the offer by adding versatility, comfort, and robustness. These quads are able to meet work requirements while maximizing the enjoyment of adventures for two.

Sportsman 6x6 570

The improvements made to the entire 2025 two-seater Sportsman 570 range include:

  • A brand new removable passenger seat. You can install and remove it quickly and easily without tools. It offers increased versatility across the entire Sportsman Touring 570 range.
  • Enhanced sealed storage space with a combined storage of over 40 litres on all Sportsman Touring 570 models. This is made possible by the all-new 22-litre rear storage located under the rear cargo rack. This additional storage allows drivers to store everything from essential items and trail snacks to extra space for storing tools for tasks around the property.
  • A stronger and twice as rigid chassis. This provides better manoeuvrability and increased driving comfort.
  • Improved suspension with up to 22.8 cm of rear travel and enhanced, more durable sealed bushings. This helps absorb trail bumps and ruts for a smoother ride on all Sportsman Touring 570 models.
  • Increased ground clearance of 28 cm across the range. This provides a smoother ride by absorbing trail ruts and bumps.

Deux VTT Sportsman 570 sur des pistes

  • A new body style and improved craftsmanship give the Sportsman Touring 570 a refreshed look while unlocking over 90 compatible accessories. These include Glacier snow plow systems, Lock & Ride windshields and cargo boxes, bumpers, and lighting options.
  • Extended maintenance service intervals, resulting in twice as much time between oil changes and other routine maintenance. These longer intervals allow for less time spent on maintenance and more time enjoying the ride.
  • Enhanced lighting with new brighter LED headlights and projectors. These extend the day for early morning and nighttime rides on Sportsman Touring 570 Premium, Ultimate, X2 570, and 6×6 570 models.
  • A new seven-inch touchscreen infotainment display powered by Ride Command, exclusive to the industry, for the all-new Sportsman Touring 570 Ultimate. This enhances the driving experience with GPS mapping, group rides, staying connected with other drivers, and much more.

  • An industry first, Polaris integrates heated seats and heated grips for the driver and passenger. These features are available on the Sportsman Touring 570.

Additional features for the Sportsman Touring, X2, and 6×6 models are as follows:

Sportsman Touring 570—Starting at CAD 12,889 (USD 9,999)
Sportsman Touring 570 EPS—Starting at CAD 13,789 (USD 10,999)
Sportsman Touring 570 Premium—Starting at CAD 15,489 (USD 12,499)

The new generation Sportsman Touring 570 range offers the versatility to ride solo or explore with a passenger thanks to the new rear passenger seat. It can be installed or removed tool-free. It features a simple latch system. For increased comfort, the range offers softer seat cushions with a new material and additional support to allow passengers to feel secure.

Furthermore, a new feature in the Touring 570 range, a chassis twice as rigid as before, provides drivers with a more comfortable ride and better manoeuvrability. A new integrated rear storage bin offers an additional six gallons of storage space. The total storage space thus increases to an industry-leading volume of 11 gallons. The Touring 570 range offers four finishes with the widest selection of customizable accessories to meet each customer’s comfort, versatility, and exploration needs.

Sportsman Touring 570

Sportsman Touring 570 Ultimate—Starting at CAD 17,389 (USD 14,499)

The Sportsman Touring 570 Ultimate is a new trim level in the Touring 570 range and a premium all-terrain vehicle for longer rides. The 570 Ultimate includes a new seven-inch touchscreen infotainment display powered by Ride Command with USB charging. This allows ATV drivers to enjoy GPS for mapping new routes, stay connected with group rides, and track every adventure.

Additional features include:

  • Double A-arm front suspension.
  • Drive modes.
  • High-power LED headlights to maximize time on the trails.
  • 26-inch Duro tires and 14-inch aluminum wheels to provide the necessary robustness to tackle rough terrain and the confidence to take on new trails.
  • A 3,500-pound Polaris HD winch with synthetic rope and automatic stop to clear heavier obstacles along the way.

Sportsman X2 570—Starting at CAD 18,989 (USD 13,999)

The Sportsman X2 570 is designed for the ultimate ATV enthusiast who is not intimidated by hard work and loves adventure. This model comes with a convertible rear seat and an industry-exclusive 400-pound dumping cargo box. The latter provides productivity gains, combined with a quick-release latch for easy and quick completion of large tasks.

The new Traction Mode and on-demand all-wheel drive unlock the rear differential for smoother and tighter turns. These minimize the impact on delicate surfaces like grass.

Sportsman X2 570

Additional features of the X2 include:

  • A chassis twice as rigid optimizing driving and handling.
  • Speed limiter.
  • Front rack extender.
  • Front bumper with a 3,500-pound Polaris HD winch with synthetic rope and automatic stop.

Sportsman 6×6 570—Starting at CAD 18,889 (USD 14,999)

The Sportsman 6×6 570 is designed for those looking to accomplish more in less time. All thanks to the versatility of the stationary two-seat passenger seat for easy riding with friends and family.

The 6×6 570 features a cutting-edge 800-pound dumping cargo box. This can move larger loads more efficiently and confidently. This is made possible by factory-integrated “D” rings. These rings include multiple attachment points to secure the load and are 48 inches wide to fit on narrower trails.

New LED headlights provide improved visibility for morning and nighttime tasks. You can get more done in a day. Additionally, the 6×6 model also has a sealed five-gallon front dry storage for additional space to store tools and equipment.

Sportsman 6x6 570

The 6×6 570 is the workhorse of ATVs with advanced capabilities, including:

  • A new front bumper offering better vehicle protection.
  • A new 3,500-pound winch with synthetic rope and automatic stop.
  • On-demand all-wheel drive to detect tire slippage in wet or loose conditions, instantly distributing power to all six wheels for optimal traction and control to keep riders prepared even in the toughest conditions.

The 2025 Sportsman range, including the Touring, X2, and 6×6 models, begins shipping to dealers in June 2024.

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