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The Trakto: A Highly Versatile All-Terrain Vehicle


During my recent visit to the Quebec Snowmobile and ATV Show, I was pleasantly surprised to discover a true gem: the Trakto. This compact vehicle equipped with tracks managed to captivate my attention, offering exceptional versatility. It stands out by enabling year-round travel, regardless of the terrain, without requiring complex transformations. An interesting option is to replace the tire with a ski, thus improving flotation on the snow. Thanks to this conversion, the Trakto proves to be much more practical and less physically demanding to drive than a snow bike.

It is important to note that the Trakto does not fit the legal definition of a snowmobile. It can roll without snow without requiring any prior modifications. Furthermore, its simple and inexpensive mechanics allow for easily achievable repairs, either by the user or by a local workshop. The electric version of the Trakto also offers simplified maintenance, contributing to a practical and efficient user experience.

Features of the Trakto:

Low-speed vehicle

The Trakto can travel at a maximum speed of 32 km/h. It does not fall into the category of off-road motorcycles or ATVs. This low speed allows a small economical engine to have ample torque to overcome all obstacles. The Trakto uses a utility engine with controlled starting (lawn tractor type engine). Indeed, this type of engine is the best option for a low-speed vehicle.


It’s lightweight:

The Trakto is a small utility sport all-terrain vehicle designed for all four seasons. Its primary function is the ability to go practically anywhere. Its low profile allows it, among other things, to pass under branches. The lateral flexibility of the vehicle allows it to tackle slopes and provides a motorcycle-like riding experience. The weight and traction are directed onto the track, which is long enough at the rear to prevent tipping on inclines. It can also tow light loads such as small trailers or sleds.

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This vehicle preserves soft or wet ground thanks to its very low pressure on the terrain. Unlike an ATV, its weight is distributed on the track, thus minimizing damage.


Configuration of the Trakto:

The Trakto features a track at the rear, a balloon tire at the front, a seat above the track, an engine behind the seat, and a rear CVT transmission. This layout provides maximum flotation as it places the weight on the track rather than on the skis. Maximum traction is ensured from the start, thus eliminating the need for weight transfer. The driver’s weight is shared between the tire and the track for directional grip. The driver can adjust their position to prioritize traction or steering. With a very comfortable seat, the Trakto offers ergonomics that allow maintaining a driving position without straining the back.


Rear Suspension:

The rear suspension of the Trakto is integrated into the track. The rollers resemble the suspensions of old snowmobiles, but with a distinct configuration. They do not uniformly support the track. They overlap from left to right, which is essential for maximum traction. The springs work individually. The combined resistance thus supports the weight of the vehicle. Effective on obstacles up to five inches in height, the springs gradually stretch, barely noticeable to the driver. The absence of shocks on the roller arms is advantageous for a low-speed vehicle, offering flexibility and agility. It’s a simple and cost-effective solution to maintain or replace.

Front Suspension and Driving Option:

  • Full-length inverted hydraulic fork suspension.
  • Option to install a ski instead of the tire to improve steering and flotation on the snow.

An Electric Trakto Available.

The electric version of the Trakto boasts the same obstacle-clearing capabilities, great flotation, and ease of driving without compromise. Optimized design has resulted in a weight similar to gasoline versions.

  • Brushless motor, air-cooled
  • Continuous power: 4,000 Watts
  • Maximum power: 7,500 Watts
  • Peak power: 13,500 Watts
  • Lithium-Ion batteries built with Molicel P42A 21,700 cells.
  • Battery-integrated heating elements for improved performance in cold weather. Heating elements can be activated via Bluetooth.
  • Range extender (generator), ultra-silent four-stroke mini engine, directly produces the correct voltage for recharging. Charging can be done while driving or while stationary. Bluetooth remote starter for the generator. For those who dislike the concept of a small engine at the back, it can be removed. Great for trips to cabins or places without electricity.
  • Speed is limited to 32 km/h as standard to meet category standards.
  • Ability to tow small loads, climb slopes, and navigate through deep snow.
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The Trakto is an incredibly versatile vehicle.

  • Useful for maple syrup operations: during tapping tours and tube repairs. It’s more compact than a tracked ATV or snowmobile, which are both hindered by the height of the pipes.


  • For trappers: it’s possible to navigate very narrow trails with a small sled behind.
  • Trail maintenance.
  • For hunting, to reach difficult-to-access areas, even in semi-marshy zones.


  • For summer fishing trips to reach the lake. Given its size and weight, it would even be possible to carry it in a good-sized rowboat (portaging).
  • For transporting everything needed for small jobs around a cottage and in the forest.
  • Its most important use: for fun, regardless of the season and temperature. Unlike large all-terrain vehicles, it doesn’t need vast spaces for you to enjoy it. Plus, you can explore everywhere.

Trakto: A True Favourite

Here’s one reason to stroll through the Quebec Snowmobile and ATV Show: discovering new products. Stop by the exhibitors’ booth and ask them questions. You might just uncover the extent of inventors’ ideas. For me, the standout of this year will be the Trakto. This powerhouse will take you wherever you want to go. It will always be simple to maintain and inexpensive. What a wonderful project! It’s the result of an inventor who dared to think outside the box. Don’t hesitate to visit their website for more information.

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