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TRAILSPORT Jacket from TEKVEST: Armor for Superior Protection!

It’s no secret that we’re not immune to unfortunate incidents when it comes to motorized activities. Whether it’s us, a loved one or someone we know, we all have stories and events that have caused us physical injury of varying degrees of severity. The truth is, our vital organs are exposed, and despite every possible precaution, irreparable can happen at every turn.

Preventing Instead of Curing!

Just like wearing a helmet, a protective upper-body jacket is an addition that must be taken into consideration if we are to enjoy our activity for a long time to come.

Should the cost be considered an investment in our physical integrity?

Definitely, yes! Imagine the financial loss of hospitalization and the worry caused to your loved ones in the event of an accident during your favorite activity. Weighing up the pros and cons, in the end, the purchase of a protective jacket is well worth the cost. What’s more, your family will be more reassured to see you leave Riding in this type of jacket, as offered by TEKVEST.

A Little Historical Background:

In 1996, Steve Brand launched TEKRIDER and its first product—the TEKVEST. Since then, a multitude of racers have not been able to do without this safety equipment. TEKVEST incorporates the highest level of upper body protection currently available to a rider and meets or exceeds all ISR specifications. There’s no doubt about it, TEKVEST sets the standard in this field!

Is it Available To Everyone?

Whether we’re seasoned racetrack racers or simple trail riders who want the best, there’s a TEKVEST protective jacket for everyone. Whether you’re a quad rider, snowmobiler, off-road motorcyclist or mountain biker, there’s something for everyone.

Straight from the Manufacturer!

There’s one point I’d like to emphasize. When we buy online, we’re dealing directly with the Minden, Ontario-based manufacturer. There’s no middleman to complicate the transaction. What’s more, they’re happy to customize jackets for customers who want something different from the original. Whether it’s a specific color, logo or design, they’re flexible down to the smallest detail. 

New for 2023!

There’s one thing that sets this manufacturer apart: they don’t rest on their laurels, and they’re looking to develop upper-body protective jackets that will suit everyone. With this in mind, they launched the TRAILSPORT model this year. It describes itself as a minimalist, economical and lightweight TEKVEST. It’s designed with a full front zipper and fabric-covered shoulder pads, making it easy to wear. 

This is a One-of-a-Kind Design in a Stealth Tekmaze Colorway 

As this is a brand-new product, I have the privilege of testing one of the first jackets to hit the market. They took my use into account when designing the protective jacket for my activities. I should mention that I intend to wear it in summer as well as winter, so the choice of materials was carefully selected by them to ensure I’m comfortable in all seasons.

They designed a version with exposed plastic shoulders as opposed to the usual fabric. In this way, it offers me greater breathability. What’s more, they took care to provide me with extra ventilation too.

Despite a certain stiffness in the TEKVEST jackets, which is not a reproach in itself, their design makes them feel like a second skin, so well they hug the upper body. Although we might think they’d be bulky, they’re not.

An Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene (UHMW) Thermoplastic:

UHMW (ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene) thermoplastic is used for its advantages of strength and lightness. The thermoplastic stands for ultra-high-molecular-weight plastic. It is a very high-end plastic product that is custom-milled for use in TEKVEST. It offers superior cut resistance and flexibility. This material is laminated to a closed-cell vinyl nitrile foam that offers an unrivaled level of comfort and protection.

It’s good to know that UHMW is stronger, lasts longer and outperforms other materials in demanding circumstances. It is extremely impact-resistant, tolerates a wide temperature range and is resistant to most chemicals. No wonder TEKRIDER uses this type of material for its top-of-the-range protective jackets. 

Impressive Attention to Detail 

When I received my TEKVEST TRAILSPORT, I examined it from every angle and quickly realized the attention to detail of the craftsmen who made it. Each jacket is meticulously handcrafted to perfection, and it shows right away. Their dedicated team guarantees the highest quality and precision in every piece, offering unrivaled protection and comfort for our rides.

Out in the Trails…

That’s all well and good, but what about when used for motorized activity? Its light weight of just over 2 lb is negligible, and it doesn’t feel overweight on the body, even after an intensive day of Riding.

You might say it’s just psychological, but this protective jacket gives me a boost of confidence. My TEKVEST TRAILSPORT makes me feel almost invincible. Nevertheless, I must warn you that self-confidence is no substitute for competence, but that this jacket will be there should a maneuver go wrong.

How it Fits

When wearing it, I recommend a fit that’s not too tight. The reason is quite simple: it gives me the clearance I need to ensure that my lungs have room to breathe during more sustained and prolonged efforts. What’s more, this free zone allows for better ventilation on hot summer days. 

Conclusion of My TEKVEST Review

In conclusion, if you don’t already own a TEKVEST, put a protective jacket on your list of equipment to get very shortly. It won’t just benefit you, but everyone who loves you. Trust in the artistry of their handcrafted jackets and ride with confidence!

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