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2021 ZForce 950 EPS Sport: CFMOTO has done its homework!

Over the past few days, we had the chance to test drive CFMOTO’s new side-by-side vehicle: the ZForce 950 EPS Sport 2021.  This sport model was highly anticipated, as it had been announced quite some time ago.  Just by the attention this vehicle has generated and the many questions we’ve received during our trail stops, it’s safe to say that the ZForce 950 leaves no one indifferent.  By offering a model with impressive assembly and finishing quality as well as a unique style and innovative design, CFMOTO offers a vehicle that catches the eye of the expert and is sure to please the user.

Let’s make one thing clear before we go any further.  The ZForce 950 is a 60-inch wide sport VCC with a 962cc engine developing 79hp.  It should not be compared to competing turbocharged models that are 64 inches wide and larger, with power ratings approaching 200hp! That being said, is it possible to have fun driving the CFMOTO ZForce 950 EPS Sport 2021?  The answer is definitely YES!

Pleasure to drive

Being more of a side-by-side rider now, I was really looking forward to ride the ZForce 950.  I was not disappointed!  At first glance, the look of this new model cannot leave anyone indifferent.  As soon as you step inside, you notice that the driving position and the ergonomics of the cabin will make you have a good time.  Indeed, the sliding molded seats as well as the slightly curved doors allow the driver as well as the passenger to take their ease for a day of sporty ride.

Molded seats

The driving position is pleasant as it leans back more than in other models of the manufacturer.  The 60-inch width of the vehicle with its curved doors allows the driver and passenger to share the cabin without touching each other, thus allowing the rider to move freely.  This space provides more elbow and shoulder room even for taller riders.

The power of the V-twin engine during acceleration and recovery gives us the impression that it is more powerful than the 79hp announced.  Combined with a very efficient suspension, this allows us to handle the more technical corners and passages at a good speed, allowing for clear acceleration out of the turns.

Speaking of the suspension, the ZForce 950’s is completely new.  It is equipped with gas shocks that can be adjusted for rebound and compression. Coupled with an independent double-wishbone front suspension and Quadlink swingarm rear suspension, it provides 11 inches of travel up front and 11.8 inches in the rear.  We didn’t have time to test any calibration other than the standard one during our test ride.  However, we didn’t observe any front end feeling that dives in tight turns.  We were still in a good position to accelerate again.

Rear suspension

For my passenger, this test confirmed that the comfort of the seat as well as the interior space makes for pleasant rides.  This is a two-person vehicle and the passenger can move around as he or she pleases and use the adjustable restraint bar installed to hold on to when cornering or accelerating hard.

Adjustable restraint bar

The EPS power steering is effective and the CV-Tech IBC clutch system is very efficient. The rider will also appreciate the well-positioned, precise and efficient clutch arm.


Equipment and accessories

The ZForce 950 comes with a wide variety of standard equipment and accessories, including large side mirrors, a hardtop, horn and turn signals.  In regards to turn signals, this is an exclusive feature offered by CFMOTO as no other manufacturer has yet installed such a feature on their vehicles.  Regulations do not require manufacturers to install them, but for users who often ride in groups, it is an important advance that makes riding safer.  Other manufacturers should follow the lead.  A 3,500-lb capacity winch is also standard with the purchase of the vehicle, as well as a 2-inch hitch adapter in the back.

As for the ZForce 950’s dashboard, the high-definition color LCD screen is one of the best designed on the market.  It is well positioned and very clear.  All the information you need is there.  Many good-sized buttons are well grouped and easily accessible.  There is also a 12-volt outlet and two waterproof USB outlets.

At the front of the vehicle, there is an access panel for easy mechanical maintenance.  There is also an easy access to the battery, fuses, brake and cooling fluids.  It’s really well thought out!

Two points bothered us: the turning radius seemed abnormally large for a vehicle of this size, which can make turning maneuvers difficult at low speeds.

In addition, the long wheelbase that puts the front wheels in front of the fairing and the lack of mudguards have the effect of throwing mud forward.  As a result, when we ride at a good speed, the mud comes back into the cockpit.  It should be noted that the test model did not have a windshield to avoid this inconvenience.


In summary, with the ZForce 950 EPS Sport, CFMOTO has come up with a well thought out vehicle that appears to have an excellent quality/price ratio.  Moreover, CFMOTO offers the best warranty in the industry, 5 years.  A pleasant ride, comfort, power and above all a lot of fun.  You should definitely consider the ZForce 950 in your next sport VCC purchase.

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