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For 2022, in terms of ATVs, Can-Am has not made too many changes. The focus has been on the CCVs, but there is something new for them.

Last year, Can-Am introduced the Visco-4lok system. This system is actually a front differential lock mode that can be activated with the push of a button. With this mechanical lock, we get a complete power transfer to get us out of the worst situations. Thanks to positive feedback on this 2021 addition, Visco-4lok will now be available on the entire X MR lineup as well as the Outlander XT-P and Max Limited.

To see an overview of the lineup, here is the link to the different models offered at Can-Am, which is pretty much the same as 2021 Complete 2022 Can-Am line-up

For 2023, we hope to see more major changes in the ATV lineup. For example, the introduction of the new ACE700 or ACE900 engines in the 2022 Can-Am ATV lineup. Maybe we could even hope to see a redesigned Outlander? Who knows?

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