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Can-Am introduces pDrive in 2022

Poulie pDrive

For 2022, Can-Am is introducing the new pDrive pulley to its side-by-side lineup. It is available on models equipped with the 200 hp Turbo RR engine as well as those equipped with the ACE 700 engine.

This pulley has already proven itself in the snowmobile world over the past few years. In fact, it has been in the Ski-Doo lineup since 2017. The great feature of this pulley is the use of rollers instead of ramps. Thus, friction is significantly reduced. This eliminates a lot of the friction of the parts and thus greatly minimizes the maintenance of the pulley.

The pDrive offers 30% more shift range, which provides faster acceleration and deceleration. It keeps the engine at optimum RPM regardless of conditions or throttle position.
This results in a more precise and stable power delivery, especially at higher RPMs.

Torque rollers act as a locking mechanism that eliminates plate play. These reduce friction between the moving parts compared to traditional pulleys.

In addition, there is less noise and vibration emanating from the pDrive. This maximizes reliability and performance while significantly minimizing maintenance. The manufacturer offers an inspection after 100 hours of operation or 3000 km.

For the user, this pulley will provide a more pleasant driving experience while allowing him to get the most out of his engine. In addition, the costs associated with inspection and maintenance will be greatly reduced compared to other clutches.

We can expect the presence of the pDrive in the Can-Am lineup to increase significantly over the next few years.

Finally, the InfoQuad.com team will have the opportunity to test the pDrive soon.

Enjoy the ride!

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