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For 2021, we still have the choice of four major models at Can-Am, namely the Outlander 450/570, the Outlander, the Renegade and the DS.

Once again, the Outlander is available in a wide range of configurations, so you can really customize your vehicle to your preferred terrain: rock, mud or trail. There’s even a 6×6 version with a 700lb capacity cargo box.

The Outlander 450/570 is available with one- and two-seat versions, which makes it possible to be trail legal without taking the driving course for a single-seat motorcycle with added seat. It can also be had with the 450 6×6 version, for better traction for work.

The Renegade is the performance ATV of choice at Can-Am. The X XC version is the most powerful on the trail, with FOX shocks and a 91 horsepower engine. Otherwise, there are two configurations for the mud version (MR): the one with the 570 engine and the more powerful one with the 1000R engine.

The DS is the ideal vehicle for young people with the 70, 90 and 250 version. They will be able to develop their skills with certain models that have a standard throttle limiter.

For mud lovers, Can-Am offers the MR version. New for 2021, the Visco-4Lok technology allows the front differential to be fully locked and gives the power to get through the deepest mud.


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DS 70 / 90 / 90x / 250

Recreational riding, Youth

Can-Am-DS-250 2021
Engine 249,4 cc / 69,5 cc / 89,5 cc, single cylinder
Dimensions 152 x 90.5 x 93,5 cm to 183 x 103 x 110,5 cm
Ground clearance 21.1 cm to 26 cm
Tank capacity 6 liters to 12,5 liters
Weight 113 kg à 195 kg
Color(s) Red / Black-Red / White
MSRP $2,899* / $3,499* (DS90) / $4,499* (DS90X) / $4,999* (DS250)

Can-Am’s DS series is now specializing in the young rider market. The DS 250 model is a sport ATV that will please with its performance. Recommended for ages 14 and up, it is equipped with an integrated speed limiter, CVC transmission, electric starter, hydraulic disc brakes, double wishbone suspension and adjustable preload shocks. Available with either a 69 or 89.5 cc engine, the DS model is designed for ages 6 and up, while the DS X is designed for ages 10 and up.


Work, Recreational riding

Outlander MAX Limited 2021
Engine 570 / 650 / 850 / 1000 cc, V-twin
Dimensions 218,4 x 121,9 x 126 cm
Ground clearance 26,7 cm27,9 cm
Tank capacity 20,5 liters
Weight 341 kg
Color(s) Multiple
MSRP À partir de 10 299 $*

The Outlander’s distinctive sleek design is complemented by a choice of four engines and seven different models with a huge variety of equally beautiful finishes. Precise handling, powerful brakes and robust mechanics make the Outlander a must-have at the top of the line! The Outlander Max remains the most popular 2-seater ATV in Quebec on federated trails.

OUTLANDER 450 / 570 / Max

Work, Recreational riding

Can-Am Outlander 570 2021
Engine 427 cc / 570 cc, V-twin
Dimensions 211 x 116,8 x 124 cm
Ground clearance 26,7 cm
Tank capacity 20,5 liters
Weight 308 kg / 319 kg
Color(s) Multiple
MSRP Starting at $7,899*

Built on the same architecture as their big brother, but with a distinctive look, especially on the front grille, these “little” ATVs offer a more affordable alternative without compromising the comfort and stability so characteristic of the Outlander line. Single or two-seater in the MAX version, these ATVs won’t leave you hungry for more. Performance at a low price.

OUTLANDER 6×6 450 / 650 DPS / XT / MAX XT


Engine 649,6 cc / 976 cc, V-twin
Dimensions 300 x 117 x 145 cm and more
Ground clearance 26,7 cm
Tank capacity 20,5 liters
Weight 454 kg and more
Color(s) Green, gray
Power 650: 62 hp / 1000: 82 hp
MSRP Starting at $12,399*.

The Can-Am Outlander 6×6 is made for work, but just as much for fun. Even better this year, my wish to see it as a two-seater has finally come true! This six-wheel drive model has a transmission optimized for the raw power needed for heavy work, while maintaining the Outlander’s famous ride quality. A 450cc single-cylinder version is added this year that will certainly be appreciated by buyers on a budget.

OUTLANDER Xmr 570 / 650 / 850 / 1000

Trail, Performance, Mud

Can-Am Outlander X MR 1000R 2021
Engine 570 / 649,6 / 850 / 976 cc, V-twin
Dimensions 211 x 116,8 x 124 cm / 224 x 127 x 131 cm / 246 x 127 x 131 cm
Ground clearance 26,7 cm29,7 cm / 29,9 cm / 33 cm
Tank capacity 20,5 liters
Weight 382 kg à 460 kg
Color(s) Multiple
Power 570: 48 hp / 650: 62 hp / 850: 78 hp / 1000R: 91 hp
MSRP Starting at $10 899* to $17 479*

The popular lineup of do-it-yourself machines remains unchanged this year, except for the color schemes. The Xmr’s will blow you away with their high air intake, 28″ or 30″ knobby tires, ultra-firm suspension and the most powerful engines in the industry. Definitely the “kings of the mud hole”, expect to go where your friends won’t!

RENEGADE 570 / 850 / 1000R / Xmr

Performance, Mud

Can-Am RENEGADE X XC 1000R 2021
Engine 570 / 649,6 / 850 / 976 cc, V-twin
Dimensions 218.4 x 121.9 x 124 cm and more
Ground clearance 26,7 cm 31,8 cm (Xmr)
Tank capacity 20,5 liters
Weight 279kg /312 kg / 441 kg
Color(s) Multiple
Power 570: 48 hp / 850: 78 hp / 1000R: 91 hp
MSRP $10,399* to $18,499*

When it comes to pure performance without compromise in a 4×4 ATV, the Renegade is the benchmark. Add to that Fox high performance adjustable shocks for the Xxc and top of the line tires and wheels and you’ll understand why they take performance to another level. Love the mud? The Renegade 570 and 1000R Xmr are without a doubt the most powerful extreme off-road ATVs in the world! The Renegade Xmr will get you out of the worst mud holes! FUN!