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CKX Razor Solid: A Simple and Effective Helmet

ckx razor solid helmet

There is a wide range of safety helmets available on the market. From modular helmets to open-face helmets, and full-face helmets to MX helmets, the choice is virtually endless. However, choosing a helmet is a personal decision that can make your rides very enjoyable or a real nightmare. For my part, I chose the CKX Razor Solid helmet. In this article, I explain why.

Before Choosing Your Helmet

The ideal helmet that will be perfectly suited for all ATV riders does not exist. Depending on the type of ride, choice of vehicle, climate, or time of year, choosing a helmet depends on a multitude of factors.

That said, an ATV rider may need to acquire more than one helmet to meet their needs. For example, in winter, one would choose a warmer helmet with less airflow, while in summer, more ventilation inside the helmet is desirable.

Therefore, all factors must be considered to make the right choice. Another important element is that this choice is personal. Thus, an excellent helmet for a riding companion is not necessarily excellent for you.

My ATV Rider Profile

My ATV season begins in June and ends with the first snow, usually in November. I primarily ride on federated trails, but I often travel on forest roads in Zecs or go to New Brunswick.

Although I enjoy ATV rides, I much prefer driving a side-by-side vehicle (SxS). On these, I choose to install a half windshield. I am not a fan of a full-height windshield.

I wear prescription glasses, so I have to deal with fogging that can occur in certain conditions. Additionally, the interior of the helmet must allow me to easily put on and take off my glasses. For more and more models, the interior of the helmets is designed to allow the arms of the glasses to fit comfortably above the ears. This is an important factor for me and for those who wear prescription glasses while riding an ATV.

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My Transition to an Open-Face Helmet

Over the years, I have tried numerous helmets. I’ve ridden with full-face, modular, and MX helmets. For the latter, I wore contact lenses, which allowed me to use goggles.

As the years went by, I began to wear and appreciate simpler helmets. I rode for several years with the CKX Urban Solid helmet. This “open-face” helmet was equipped with a visor that extended down to chin level.

It offered me three advantages. First, it allowed me to wear my prescription glasses. I could put it on and take it off while keeping my glasses in place. Second, I could easily wear a dust mask and lower the visor. Finally, this helmet allowed me to breathe more freely. Of course, on hot summer days, my head was cooler with this type of helmet.

Why the CKX Razor Solid Helmet?

After several years of loyal service, my Urban Solid helmet was ready for retirement. When shopping for a new helmet, I learned that the model I appreciated so much was no longer on the market.

Of course, I browsed the Kimpex website to find a replacement. That’s when I discovered the CKX Razor Solid helmet. It’s very similar, but it also features a retractable sun visor. Additionally, the helmet shell is more stylish, giving it a more attractive appearance.

My Experience With the CKX Razor Solid

I wore the helmet throughout the season, and I must say I was very satisfied. It not only met all my expectations but even exceeded them.

The CKX Razor Solid is very comfortable and well ventilated. There’s an adjustment above the shell. Its ProClip attachment system allows for quick attachment and detachment. This system ensures you always find the most appropriate strap length.

ckx razor solid helmet

Its visor resists scratches and impacts from rocks. Although fogging doesn’t occur intensively on it, a fog circle forms around the mouth or nose in cold weather. This usually doesn’t affect vision.

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The retractable sun visor is easy to fold down using a button located on the left side of the helmet. However, it comes into contact with my glasses and sometimes the tip of my nose.

An optional peak is available for the model I tried. However, you need to remove the main visor. It would have been interesting to allow keeping the main visor while adding the peak.

Moreover, for those who ride during winter, two versions of the same helmet are offered. One with a double visor and the other with a heated visor.

What About Maintenance?

Regarding maintenance, it’s possible to remove the inner lining and cheek pads for washing. After a few hot days riding in the dust, this is very convenient and much more enjoyable!

In terms of price, the CKX Razor Solid helmet is very affordable. At the time of writing these lines, it was selling for $139.99. It is available in sizes XS to XXXL.

A big thank you to Kimpex for allowing me to test this helmet. If you happen to encounter me on the trails, there’s a very good chance you’ll see me wearing it.

Happy riding!

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