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Gaspésie Quad Tour 2024 – Day 4

Tour de la Gaspésie en quad

Here is a brief summary of day 4 of the Gaspésie Quad Tour 2024. It was a beautiful day of ATV riding without any incidents. We are now halfway through our Gaspésie Quad Tour. All the members of our group will tell you that it goes by way too quickly. However, every moment of this wonderful trip remains etched in our memories.

tour de la gaspésie en quad

A Vast Territory

Gaspésie is a region that covers a very large area. The vast majority of the population is settled all around the peninsula. Thus, the center of the peninsula is made up of immense forests that stretch as far as the eye can see. It’s no wonder that Gaspésie is a gem to be discovered by ATV enthusiasts.

Even if you come back year after year, it’s possible to change your route if you’re ready to ride off the federated trails. Indeed, the majority of the region’s territory consists of public lands. These are dotted with thousands of kilometres of forest roads that can be explored.

However, when planning an off-trail route, it is important to ensure that it is permitted to travel there. In addition to private lands, there are ZECs (Controlled Harvesting Zones), parks, and wildlife reserves. Make sure to get proper information beforehand to stay within permitted areas.

Day 4 of Our Gaspésie Quad Tour

Today, we ventured deep into the forest. We traveled through mountains and valleys. The landscapes are magnificent, and we had to remind each other not to get distracted by the breathtaking scenery.

Our route allowed us to discover beautiful rivers. Once again, I was impressed by the clarity of the water in these rivers. The water is crystal clear, and you can clearly see the riverbeds. This reinforces the feeling that we are in the heart of nature and, fortunately, that human presence has had little impact.

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A Lunch in the Forest

Given the length of our route, we had lunch in the forest. This allowed us to chat among ourselves and share stories about this beautiful ride. Additionally, the weather was favourable as we enjoyed a mostly sunny day.

tour de la gaspésie en quad

I must emphasize that although the first days of our journey were rainy, we have been experiencing superb weather for the past two days. The downside is that, in certain areas, we could see dust behind our vehicles. Fortunately, it is not critical at the moment.

Like the previous days, this fourth day has been a wonderful experience, and we are all delighted with our 2024 Tour de la Gaspésie by ATV.

See you tomorrow!

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