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Testing the first Segway vehicles in Quebec

Last week, Denis Lavoie and I had the chance to try, in preview, the very first Segway ATVs to arrive in Quebec. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Eskape gang from Granby for their time and generosity.

The first things that jump out at you about Segway ATVs

Obviously, Segway means technology and design out of the ordinary. One of the first things that jumps out at you when you see a Segway ATV is its look and the design of its headlights. It looks like Tesla has ventured into the world of ATVs.

The simplicity of the design, the sophisticated curves, the finishing details and the brightly colored touches on the front grill, the footboards and the bumpers can be summed up in one word: WOW!

And please note that the colors do not represent a specific model, each vehicle can be ordered with one of the three colors (Green, Red or Blue).

The models and their differences

First of all, to help you to differentiate them, the letter (S) is for “Short” (single-seater) and the letter (L) is for “Long” (2-seater). As for the E, it’s for “entry level” and the X is for the top of the range model. The AT6 is for the 600cc model (570 to be more precise). Now that you are experts in Segway nomenclature, here are the models.

The Snarler AT6 SE (Starting at only 7500$)

To do things in order, I first rode the Snarler AT6 SE (the entry-level model). And here I want to tell you that “entry level” definitely does not mean basic. Let me explain.

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This beautiful little 570cc ATV has 44hp and comes with power steering, 15″ brand X tires, a tow ball, an 5″ screen and most importantly, 2 tons of app technology. I’ll get to that later… unless you’re too impatient… click here.

The Snarler AT6 SX (Starting at $9500)

The SX is more “high-end”. The main technical differences with the SE are the suspension, the winch and the wheels. The Snarler AT6 SX has a gas suspension rather than an air suspension and the shocks are adjustable for rebound and compression. It comes with a winch that can pull up to 2500lbs. The wheels are a bit bigger and are equipped with mags. In short, an extra 2 thousand dollars that is easily explained.

The Snarler AT6 LX (Starting at $10,500)

The LX is actually quite similar to the SX, but longer and 2 seats. Again, it comes with a winch, a tow ball and all the comfort you need to share your day with someone.

What you see once you’re on the vehicle

When you get on a Segway ATV, the first thing you notice are the details of the seat’s construction. The seat is made of a non-slip fabric and the seams seem to be of high quality.

Once seated, you notice that the handlebars and controls are relatively simple. A 5″ backlit screen gives us all the necessary information.

It is in the details that I was most surprised. Segway thought of creating a space for the knees to facilitate the turns without bumping on hard plastic. Other details such as the welds, the power coating of the tubing and the quality of the paint enhance the feeling of confidence.

Once on the trail

The Snarler’s ride is very smooth. The suspension and finishing of the vehicle are very well done. Of course, the 570cc 4-stroke engine delivers a decent 44hp. I chose the word “decent” because it’s enough, but I’m sure that other more powerful models will come out in the next few years. Obviously, the gas model is not made for speeding. If what you’re looking for is power, you’ll have to wait for the hybrid version from Segway. Because yes, Segway is planning to offer hybrid ATVs and side-by-side models. According to our sources, the Snarler would go from 44hp to 88hp in hybrid mode. Not bad for a brand that’s just entering the market.

Interview With Patrice Rivest of Segway Powersports Canada

Acceleration is gradual and generous. The vehicle is responsive and the power steering makes maneuvering very easy. One area for improvement would be its handling ability. You won’t be able to make sharp turns with a Snarler. That said, it won’t stop you from having a lot of fun on the trails. I would like to add that the center of gravity and weight distribution are excellent.

The most interesting point, in my opinion, is without a doubt the technology. I’ve described the vehicles in the last few lines, but it’s not worth much if you don’t read the rest… which is here.

What makes Segway a serious contender in the ATV world is its technology.

“I’ve never seen an ATV so connected! While others are in 2021, Segway seems to be in 2025!” Max Sheehy | Infoquad test rider
When you purchase a Segway Snarler, you are purchasing a smart vehicle. With your phone, you simply scan the barcode on your vehicle to access a world of possibilities. With the app, you can control more than just your music or manage your routes…

Here are the top 5 fascinating things you can do remotely with your phone:

1. Lock the vehicle. (Key or not, no one can start your ATV)
With the app you can lock your ATV and sleep in peace.
2. Receive notifications in case of dangerous driving.
Yes, you can configure your quad to send you a text message if your brother-in-law is riding your machine a little too much 😉
3. Emergency call.
If you have an accident with your ATV, it will automatically contact one of your relatives.
4. A warning according to the distance.
You lent your quad to your 16 year old and want to make sure he doesn’t ride too far? No problem! This is also possible thanks to the application.
5. Vehicle updates
Since everything is connected, you will receive updates that optimize certain performances on your quad. A bit like your iPhone but more reliable haha.
The list of possibilities with your Segway app is long and is mostly in constant improvement. Honestly, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.
Basically, what you should know about Segway ATVs that are coming to Quebec.

And the killer question: When will electric ATVs and side-by-sides be available?

For the moment, only gas-powered ATVs are available. Hybrid ATVs will be available by the end of the summer of 2021.
In short, if you’re looking for a great looking mountain bike that’s fun to ride and comes with a lot of features, add the Snarler to your choices.
I hope this test article helps you to better understand what Segway ATVs are all about.
See you in a next test 😉


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