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Gas prices and ATV/SxS riding

Effets du prix de l’essence sur la pratique du quad

Needless to say, the increase in gas prices over the past few months has been spectacular. And the worst part is that experts agree that this is only the beginning!

In fact, at the time of writing, the price of a liter of regular gasoline is hovering around $2.00 in most regions of Quebec. It would not be surprising if it had crossed that mark by the time this article is published!

In any case, this affects all gasoline vehicle owners. We are all looking for ways to reduce our daily commute. In addition, many are already starting to rethink their summer vacation plans. For example, many campers have chosen to spend their season at one campground instead of traveling to multiple locations as they have always done.

Prix de l’essence et la pratique du quad

Of course, ATVers are no exception. Even though our vehicles are often relatively fuel-efficient, the fact remains that our quad trips will be more expensive.

Countering the rising cost of gasoline

As for me, I will certainly not stop practicing my passion. However, I may have to change my habits a bit. The easiest way would be to make one or two less trips during the season. Another alternative would be to stay close to home to rediscover the trails of my club and the neighboring clubs. If I were to choose these options, it would not have a major impact on my quad season.

However, there are other ways to minimize the impact of higher gas prices. The first way is to manage the throttle better. Indeed, by adopting a less aggressive or sporty driving style, the consumption of our vehicle will greatly decrease.

For example, with Can-Am’s iTC system or Yamaha’s D-Mode, you can adjust the engine’s behavior. Switching from SPORT mode to a more conservative mode will make the vehicle more fuel efficient. Also, pressing the throttle more gradually when starting, accelerating or taking off from a corner will have an impact on your quad’s range.

Gaspésie Quad Tour - Day 7

Prix de l’essence et la pratique du quad

You see, this is where I draw the line… There is a limit to the accommodations I am willing to accept in order to practice and enjoy my sport. It’s a personal choice. I am not ready to take that step (yet).

This being said, I take the time to open a parenthesis to indicate that I am a respectful quad rider of others, I ride in a prudent and responsible way by keeping my right side at all times where it requires it. However, there are places where it is possible to open up the machine a little more, such as on forest roads or in New Brunswick, for example. End of the parenthesis!

In summary, we must not let the price of gasoline stop us from living our passion. You just have to be willing to make a few adjustments or compromises in the way you ride if necessary.

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