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Review: UCLEAR MOTION INFINITY Communication System

No matter what motorized activity we practice, communication is very important between members of a group. Whether it’s for important information or for more trivial matters, sharing and exchanging messages is an integral part of our activity.

Many of you have asked us about the communication systems we can incorporate into our headsets. The choice is vast on the market and the prices are also very different. For my part, I chose the UCLEAR Motion Infinity package.



As the name implies, it is an infinite user-based system with a comprehensive feature set. The Motion Infinity, with its USAFE feature, touts the hybrid DynaMESH pairing and intercom capability common to all.

The Motion Series housing is small, yet stylish with equally small, lightweight and easy-to-use mounting parts. Its versatility allows it to fit virtually any headset. 

Unique Features

Some of its unique features include gesture control and collision detection. In addition to allowing unlimited connections and voice commands, it offers a high-definition, mobile app with wireless firmware updates, music sharing, and more. The unit features an LED indicator that uses six colors and a flashing or steady light to alert you to various functions.

With all the features of the UClear Motion Infinity Bluetooth Motorcycle Audio System, I had no choice but to read the user manual. Fortunately, the manual is well organized and provided me with the knowledge to use the UCLEAR Motion Infinity to its fullest.



These high-end Pulse Pro 2 speakers from the UCLEAR lineup each incorporate a microphone that is nothing more or less than the extension of each speaker. Although the manufacturer suggests running these wires under the cheek pads, I decided to dispense with this advice and install them at the front of my headphones. This way, there is much less interference from the wind.

The unit attaches to the left side of the helmet permanently with a sticky bracket or partially with a retaining clip. 

Pairing my phone with the UCLEAR Motion Infinity was easy. Then I loaded the UCLEAR ClearLink app on my iPhone (an Android app is also available) and it connected to the device immediately.


The battery life is extremely impressive – claiming to give up to 18 hours of talk time. An audible reminder sounds when the battery is low and requires recharging.

The battery is quickly recharged in just 2.5/ 3 hours. For my part, I reconnect the unit to the wall charging cord every 2 hikes to ensure I have an efficient level of operation. However, I would have appreciated an independent plug for charging in return for connecting the speakers. I noticed premature wear and tear and sometimes the connection did not work.

So, precaution is necessary and special attention must be paid to this somewhat critical aspect. Also, the lack of a separate charging port means that there is no way to charge during use.

Volume and Clarity

The sound level of the speakers is high enough, but it can also depend on the configuration of your headset. For me, my communication system is installed on my ICON Airform headset. It is specially designed to receive this type of equipment and it integrates well.

I can raise or lower the volume by pressing the Up or Down buttons on the unit. Also, this can be done using your smartphone if it is within reach.

Reception clarity is directly related to our cruising speed and the tightness of our headphones. This point is difficult to qualify, as it will be different from the environment in which we use this system. Nevertheless, as an example, on the road on a motorcycle, beyond 100 km/h, it is difficult to hold a sustained conversation without making our companions repeat some sentences.

The Motion Infinity has four buttons that allow users to access all features by pressing them directly in different ways, which is no different from other brands. UCLEAR offers a unique “gesture control” feature that issues commands related to music playback, intercom and phone without touching the device. It works with the user’s hand within an inch of the control unit’s sensor.

Range of Use

According to the manufacturer, the range of this system is 1.2 kilometers. In my opinion, this is in ideal conditions with a clear line of sight on open flat terrain. The range is reduced to about half that in a tree-laden or cluttered environment. While in a housing development, the connection was lost at less than 200 meters, after a building broke the line of sight.

However, it automatically reconnects with a lost device, restoring speech when I was much closer to the other device. 


In conclusion, the UCLEAR Motion Infinity is a top-of-the-line product with all the features an RV enthusiast can imagine, then. It is easy to set up, offers several ways to be controlled, has great sound and using it is a pleasant experience. For keeping in touch with your fellow hikers, there really is nothing better!

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