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Can-am 2022 Maverick Trail Series

In the fall of 2017, BRP introduced us to the very first version of the Can-am Maverick Trail for the 2018 model year. At the time, this new autoquad had a very specific mission, as it presented itself as a slightly narrower alternative to a quad with its 50 inches. We had no idea that it would be the first in a series of variations from this manufacturer.

We have to admit that it was an instant success, as it filled a gap at Can-am between the Commander and the Maverick X3 hyper-sport. Its starting price was also very attractive for newcomers to the ATV world.

For 2022, many of the elements that made this model so successful remain unchanged. Can-am announced the return of the Rotax 1000cc (976cc) engine producing 75 horsepower. Its chassis with the furthest wheelbase in its category also returns without improvement.

A new engine!

For the 2022 model year, Can-am replaces the 800cc engine with a new 700cc engine (650cc) producing 37% more power than its predecessor. It is a new single-cylinder Rotax ACE 700 engine developing 52 HP. It offers more power and more torque, even at low rpm. ACE advanced combustion efficiency technology, dual camshafts, ITC electronically controlled intelligent throttle and electronic fuel injection are responsible for this performance.

In addition, these features will reduce the break-in period and frequency of valve adjustments. As a result, the first maintenance is no longer necessary and nothing needs to be done before the first 3,000 km. The engine is less noisy, less vibrating and less hot, in order to offer more comfort and pleasure to the drivers.

A new clutch pulley, why not?

Many of us were asking about the possible arrival of the PDrive clutch in side-by-side vehicles at Can-am. BRP already had this great innovation in its snowmobiles to support the ever-increasing power of its vehicles.

The Trakto: A Highly Versatile All-Terrain Vehicle

The PDrive primary changes all the rules of the snowmobile primary clutch paradigm. Instead of sliding ramps up and down, BRP designed a three-roller system to support the loads generated when moving the belt up and down on the inner and outer pulleys.

The introduction of the PDrive roller primary required a complete redesign of the calibration components to accommodate the significantly reduced friction.

This new PDrive clutch is designed to reduce friction and weight, allow for more consistent rpm delivery, require less maintenance and last longer. This clutch is available in correlation with the Can-am Maverick Trail powered by the new Rotax ACE 700.

Meanwhile, the model with the 1000cc Rotax is equipped with the QRS (Quick Response System) clutch. Today’s continuously variable transmissions with clutches like the QRS still have the same theories as the CVTs of the past, but they have improved the percentage of power transferred through improved geometry, more precise machining and support characteristics. These advantages produce less belt slip and heat, which means more power to the ground.

Available with power steering!

Everyone has their own theory on whether or not to choose a vehicle with power steering. Some will opt for the monetary aspect while others will choose comfort and ease when maneuvering at low speeds. Thus, Can-am offers the choice between these two options to its customers. However, the model with DPS will have a set of additional options that will please the adventure enthusiasts.

A comfortable interior!

The Can-am Maverick Trail has an exclusive Ergo-Lok interior. Everything you need, and more, because on board this side-by-side, everything is designed to satisfy its two occupants. Starting with the Ergo-Lok design that provides all the space you need without adding depth in the back. The steering wheel can be tilted up to 25 degrees to adjust to the desired height of the driver. The driver’s seat can be adjusted to the appropriate distance for the rider’s height using its sliders. Can-Am offers a difference with a 90.6-inch wheelbase, making it the longest in its class. This obvious advantage of the Maverick Trail gives it stability for comfortable and stable rides at all points. The seats are very well designed with water-repellent material and offer good lateral support for long rides in comfort.

Presale of the FQCQ 2024 Summer Trail Pass

A bright, multi-functional digital display keeps track of the Maverick Trail with a brand new 4.5″ screen. It lights up and is easy to read in all conditions. Vehicle information and controls are easily accessible with a quick-select keypad.

Always with an eye for detail, BRP has equipped this autoquad with two in-dash storage compartments. They offer 17.1 liters of combined storage capacity for a multitude of small things we need on the road.

A very efficient 4×4 when the need arises!

The Visco-Lok† self-locking front differential with 2 x 2 / 4 x 4 modes (QE on DPS packages) come together to meet driving goals. The Can-am Maverick Trail has a high-flow air intake and drive belt protection. It is designed to prevent overheating and to preserve the belt.

Many accessories.

Equipped with a 650W magneto, the Maverick Trail has what it takes to power many accessories like heated seats and more. Plus, its 10 built-in LINQ mounting points allow you to choose from over 100 available accessories.

In conclusion, we couldn’t deny that the Maverick Trail has Can-Am DNA. As its name suggests, it’s a trail machine who will satisfy the trail enthusiast.


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