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2022 Gaspesie tour- Day 7

Denis tells us about the last day of his 2022 Gaspesie Tour. It’s with a head full of beautiful memories that he finishes this 7 days ride.

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2022 Gaspesie Tour – Day 5

Denis recaps the 5th day of his Gaspesie Tour where a mechanical situation allowed the group to benefit from the Gaspesian mutual aid.

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2022 Gaspesie Tour – Day 4

Denis begins his 4th day of quad riding from Gaspé and goes to Percé where the legendary Rock welcomes them in all its beauty.

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2022 Gaspesie Tour – Day 3

Denis tells us about his 3rd day of his tour of the Gaspesie where he went to Gaspé. Stay tuned tomorrow for his next destination: Percé!

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