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Kimpex Outback ATV Storage Box

I immediately jumped at the opportunity to try the Kimpex Outback ATV Storage Box.

Knowing the reputation of their products, the Outback has all the features I was looking for:

  • room for a second passenger on a two-seater as well as a single-seater,
  • storage of a gas tank and spacious, waterproof and lockable trunks.

Here’s the test in more detail.


The box comes with metal screws and spacers lined with a rubber membrane, as well as “U-Bolts”. This allows the installation around the metal braces and supports of various ATVs on the market. However, I had some difficulties with my Outlander, which is equipped with Can-Am’s system of plastic mounts in which the supplied mounting hardware was not big enough. For a permanent installation, it may be necessary to drill out the brackets or purchase larger, low-cost hardware for a temporary installation as needed. All in all, the installation went very well and the trunk blended in beautifully. The ATV was an Outlander Max XT, so it was a two-seater from the beginning. Consequently, I didn’t need the supplied bench.

Outlander Max XT


The Outback is very comfortable and the natural body position is well-imitated. The handles are padded and covered with rubber, which increases hand comfort on long rides or in steep terrain where you need to hold on tighter. This prevents the foam from deteriorating from the sun and water over time. It is essential to think about where to place the seat on the bench of the ATV and the places reserved for the legs. It has to be close enough to the supports and to have the right length of arms about the backrest when installing. The seat and backrest supplied by Kimpex are comparable in comfort to the original seats and have a sturdy and durable look.

The seat and backrest provided by Kimpex


Kimpex Outback


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The Outback has two luggage compartments that merge into one in the middle. The space in the middle is slightly smaller to allow for the addition of a standard 5-litre Scepter fuel tank (sold separately). A great addition, allowing you to increase the autonomy of your ATV on long rides or in hard-to-reach places. I even needed my gas tank when I was 15 km away from the nearest stop, I was thrilled to have it!

The storage lockers are lockable with a padlock if you plan to leave your ATV unattended for a long time. They are very roomy and in some cases large enough to hold a helmet and close the entire panel. This is very handy since you don’t have to bring it with you when you walk. After several hours in the rain, I was happy to see that my gear had stayed dry. You have to be sure to align the edges of the panel properly so that it is closed tightly. The elastic closure straps are effective in keeping the panels closed. One of them had greatly lost its tightness after a few weeks of use. The gas can is secured with a plastic closure strap and remains tight even after many miles of trail riding.


back view Kimpex Outback

Kimpex Outback

box locker


The Outback Trunk offers everything an ATV user is looking for in a storage box. Spacious, sturdy, practical and easy to use are advantages that many are looking for. All in all, I was surprised by its ability to hold a helmet since some larger cases do not offer this possibility because of their configuration. The possibility of safely putting a gas can in it makes it one of the only cases of its kind—a nice addition to any ATV.

Click here to learn more about the Kimpex Outback ATV Storage Box.

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