Yamaha’s ATV lineup returns to us unchanged in 2021. The Grizzly family and the Kodiak family will be back. These models have experienced changes over the past few years so that they are adapted to the needs of ATV riders. Known for their reliability, these ATVs represent a purchase that you can make with confidence.

As for the Grizzly, we would like Yamaha to offer it with a two-cylinder engine to give it even more bite. The arrival of the new 1000cc twin-cylinder engine in the Wolverine RMax is perhaps a sign that Yamaha is moving in that direction.

Performance enthusiasts will be happy to know that the Raptor 700 SE, Raptor 700R and YFZ450R will return in 2021. These models are designed to give their riders a good dose of adrenaline. Their flowing lines reveal their extreme sporty character.

The family of ATVs for kids and beginners is also back with new decals. These quads are perfect for introducing the sport to youngsters and the uninitiated.

Whether it’s for work or pleasure, there’s an ATV for you!

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Grizzly 700

Trail, Work, Performance, Recreational riding

Grizzly 700
Engine 686 cc, single cylinder
Dimensions 207 x 123 x 125 cm
Ground clearance 28,8 cm
Tank capacity 21,8 liters
Color(s) Multiple
MSRP $12,099 to $13,699

The Grizzly has been a benchmark in the world of single-cylinder ATVs for nearly 30 years. It’s known for its legendary reliability and its Ultramatic CVT clutch. This beast puts forth all the power Grizzly owners have come to expect, while offering exceptional handling with its shift-sensitive electric power steering. It remains one of the best buys for a single-seater in the entire market.

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GRIZZLY 90 / Raptor 90


Engine 89.9 cc single cylinder
Dimensions 156,2 x 103,1 x 100,6 cm / 148,5 x 102 x 95,5 cm
Ground clearance 10 cm
Tank capacity 6,6 liters
Color(s) Yamaha Blue or Armored Gray / Yamaha Racing Blue or White
MSRP $3,699 / $3,599

Yamaha’s Grizzly 90 is perfect for young off-road adventurers. It’s got great features like electric start, a comfortable seat, front and rear racks, and full-size Grizzly style. The Raptor 90’s sporty styling and ease of use make it the perfect vehicle to feed the passion of the young quad rider. Whether it’s the Grizzly or the Raptor, the young rider will be all smiles under his helmet!

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Kodiak 700 / 450

Trail, Work

Kodiak 700
Engine 686 cc / 421 cc, single cylinder
Dimensions 207 x 118 x 124 cm / 203 x 118 x 124 cm
Ground clearance 27,4 cm / 24,5 cm
Tank capacity 21,8 liters / 16,8 liters
Color(s) Multiple
MSRP $7,899 to $12,499 

The Kodiak 700 / 450 family is now synonymous with Yamaha’s utility models for the budget-conscious or just hard-working quad rider. While equipped for work, the Kodiak is also at home on federated trails. Excellent value for money that’s hard to beat.

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