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It is essential to dress appropriately when riding a quad. I will not teach you anything with this statement. However, the choice of technical clothing for the spring and fall seasons may seem vast, but if we look further, we realize that the choice is quickly narrowed. That’s why we explored motorcycle apparel that is also ideal for most ATV riders.

We chose a manufacturer that is well-known in the industry and is considered essential for all motorized sports, including motocross, snowmobiling and jet-skiing. This reputation was already a good indication of the quality of the clothing I would be wearing on my rides. However, did they meet the desired requirements?

The entry-level price of the Butane package is attractive to many buyers, and for budget-conscious quad riders, there are few options that would perform better in this price range. This jacket and overtrousers meet a number of needs and fit successfully into the gear collection.

FLY Racing Butane Package


FLY Racing Butane Jacket

This jacket has a configuration that I have never been faced with before. It has a unique ventilation system that doesn’t rely on several small vents on the front of the jacket, but actually on a very large mesh panel.

This panel is exposed by unzipping the outer layer of the jacket to reveal a vent that extends from top to bottom. The two fabric flaps are secured by a row of magnets parallel to the vent that hold them in place ensuring a fresh air flow. The process of unzipping the front of the jacket can be done while riding. In fact, I found it easier and safer than struggling to open various vents while riding.

FLY Racing Butane Package

However, to accommodate the extra volume of air flowing through the jacket, there are several exhaust vents located in the back that, of course, are not easily accessible while riding.


It also has a thermal lining to add protection against the cold. This is attached by a zipper.

However, the versatility of the jacket is what I find most interesting. This jacket can accommodate all types of enthusiasts. A large majority will appreciate its sleek, streamlined design without the large, bulky pockets of many adventure jackets. The Butane’s exterior pockets are discreet and there are interior pockets for personal belongings. The adventurer will appreciate its lightweight design, insulation capability with the thermal liner installed, Aqua-Guard waterproof zippers and Hydra-Guard outer fabric for long-lasting waterproofing. All riders will appreciate the Butane’s wide range of waste, arm and wrist adjustments.


FLY Racing Butane Package


FLY Racing Butane Overpants

It is mentioned that it must be worn as an extra layer (overpant) over our clothes. However, I don’t consider this a requirement. The interior is soft to the touch and it won’t irritate the skin even with excessive rubbing.

These motorcycle overpants can be removed in seconds with their full-length zippers, making them extremely convenient for everyday quad riders.

These overpants are pre-shaped to fit our usual riding position. It has several pockets to store our personal belongings away from the elements with its water-resistant zippers.

The waist adjustment is facilitated by velcro for perfect adjustment. In addition, the coat and overpants can be zipped together at the back. However, this operation should preferably be done with the help of a friend, as it requires some contortion otherwise.

Are they waterproof?

I have to point out the Hydra-Guard technology these garments are equipped with. While it does repel water to a certain level, it is not 100% waterproof. On a ride, while facing a deluge of rain, I felt moisture seeping in over the miles. Therefore, I concluded that this set is not a substitute for a specially designed raincoat. Furthermore, I strongly recommend bringing a waterproof suit that can be worn over the Butane suit during heavy rain showers.


I have to admit that these clothes are very comfortable and the adjustments are greatly facilitated by the velcro strips that are cleverly positioned. However, note that they are designed to be a bit too tight. I recommend that you purchase an extra size that you are used to. This will allow you more freedom of movement and the ability to wear an underlayer on colder days.

In conclusion, these FLY Racing Butane garments are certainly good allies when it comes to quad-riding, but they did not impress me. I had high hopes for their waterproof technology and in this aspect, they greatly disappointed me. They offer good protection against cold and wind, but I have to resign myself to going around wet and muddy areas to avoid discomfort.

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