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Yamaha Grizzly SE EPS 2022 – The tradition continues.

Yamaha Grizzly SE EPS 2022

In my last few columns, I presented two side-by-side vehicles. Now it’s time for me to talk about the first ATV model. My choice is the Yamaha Grizzly SE EPS 2022.

Every hunter or fisherman knows at least one friend or family member who owns or has owned, a Grizzly. In fact, this model has often been part of fishing or hunting stories for thousands of enthusiasts.

Grizzly owners generally keep them for a long time, since they are known for their reliability and versatility in the woods. I had the opportunity to try them out at the very beginning of the fall. Here’s my review of the Grizzly SE EPS 2022.

 Yamaha Grizzly SE EPS 2022


Let’s face it, the look of the Grizzly has changed very little over the years. However, the improvements the Grizzly family has undergone since its release have allowed it to age very well. It still has a traditional look that makes it a bit timeless, which is why it’s still so popular today since it never goes out of style.


The Grizzly is only offered with one engine option, the 686cc single-cylinder. This Yamaha-built engine is very reliable and low maintenance. By regularly cleaning the air filter and following the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations, you can keep your Grizzly for many years.

The fact that this engine is a single-cylinder creates vibration at high rpm.

The Ultramatic CVT transmission is among the most efficient on the market. Under normal use, the drive belt will not need to be changed for many years. In fact, I know owners who have quads that are a decade or older and still have the original belt.


The suspension is a double-arm Delta suspension both front and rear. The shocks are basic so they are not adjustable like on some competitive models. Suspension travel is 193 mm (7.6 in.) at the front and 232 mm (9.1 in.) at the rear. There is also a ground clearance of 300 mm (11.8 in). This means that the Grizzly can traverse fairly rough terrain with ease. Of course, reaching our secret hunting or fishing spot is very practical.

Moreover, the turning radius is quite short, making maneuvering easier. This makes the Grizzly very maneuverable, no matter where you venture.


The Grizzly comes with electronic power steering. This makes these ATVs easy to ride and requires little effort. The assistance is well-calibrated. In fact, it is more pronounced at low speeds and becomes less present as you increase the rpm.

The driving position is comfortable and allows us to see the terrain in front of us. The dial is well-positioned and allows easy reading of the information.


The Grizzly offers three storage spaces. The only drawback is that the rear trunk is not completely sealed. Dust and moisture manage to get in. The front trunk, located on the fender, is equipped with a screw-on lid. This box is very airtight and I recommend using it to store registration papers or any other item that you want to protect from dust or moisture.

The Grizzly also comes with front and rear racks. Although sturdy, the paint can get damaged when using straps to secure your luggage. It might be a good idea for Yamaha to opt for thermoplastic racks so that the vehicle keeps its original look.

 Yamaha Grizzly SE EPS 2022

Fishing or Hunting use

Of course, the Grizzly is very well suited to get you to where you want to throw your line in the water. You’ll be able to easily attach your tackle box and any other equipment you need.

The place where I think the Grizzly stands out is when hunting small game. Even after a long day behind the handlebars, you’ll stay fresh and cool with the comfort and ease of riding this ATV.

The Grizzly can be used when it’s finally time to go big game hunting. To get to your cache, or to take out the big moose you’ve shot at the other end of your hunting area.

So, if you’re a nature lover and you’re looking for an ATV that’s well suited to all your activities in the woods, I invite you to consider the Yamaha Grizzly for your next purchase.

 Yamaha Grizzly SE EPS 2022

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